Concrete Block and Paving Stone Machines

Globmac manufactures machines that produce building materials such as briquettes, pumice briquettes, paving stones, concrete blocks, rain gutters, grass stones. Globmac briquette and concrete paving machines are designed using materials that will work for many years without any problems. Globmac, one of the best quality and durable cobblestone and briquette machine manufacturers in the market, offers different models and machine options to companies.
Globmac’s product portfolio includes machine options with different capacities designed to meet different needs. Globmac brand machines are designed as semi-automatic and fully automatic models.


Aggregate bunkers; It stocks sand, gravel, aggregate and special sizes of stone or mineral materials in a separate area from external environmental conditions. The mixture here feeds the concrete mixing mixers.

It is a conveyor belt system that enables the material stored in the aggregate bunker to be transported to the mixer.

It provides mixing of dry aggregate or cement.

Cement Silos are storage systems used for stocking the concrete required for the material to be produced.

The briquette machine is the facility required for the production of briquettes, which is an important building material. A special mortar is obtained by combining aggregate, water and cement. This mixture is then compressed and shaped by means of molds of various sizes and briquettes are obtained.

Produced briquettes, interblocks, etc. is the stacking area of the material and the component that provides this stacking.