Concrete Parquet and Block Production Plant

GLOBMAC company performs all established work, demonstrating the best technology and engineering skills, without decline in quality of product. The company has proven its reliability in this sector, fulfilling orders on time in the best working conditions and fully in accordance with customer requests. Together with highly qualified specialists, we produce products according to customer expectations and provide them in the best possible way. Electrical and electronic parts used in automation (control panel equipments) belong to the famous ABB company in the international market. By using special proportional valves and mechanical dumpers movements of parts of the machine become softer. Our engineers, together with our research group AR-GE work on monitoring and developing the production. Before loading the equipment and its components, our team from the production group, together with engineers and the research team, carry out test works according to all schemes to identify equipment defects, eliminating all equipment defects, if any, after the confirmation the machine with components are being loaded.


Line of Machine equipment for the production of wall blocks controlled by PLC automation. Machine with a powerful hydraulic configuration, is able to produce blocks into 140-150 pallets per hour.

This kind of Machine produces 12 pieces of 20-th blocks in 1 cycle. The batching plant that provide the Machine by mortar is controlled semi/full automatically that’s up to client.

The PARS12 blocks making machine has also the operative and quick mold changing system. It makes the machine ideal for producing different kinds of blocks.

General Options

  • Easy to install
  • Easy commissioning and repair
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders
  • Efficient operation with high productivity
  • Low investment and operating costs
  • Easy to clean
  • Opportunity for long-term work
  • System simplicity
  • Reliable emergency system
1. Machine Operation System Full Automatical PLC Controlled
2. Machine Production Capacity 140-150 Pallets per hour
3. Machine Weight 17 tons
4. Pumping Capacity 52 kW
5. Hydraulic Oil Capacity 1000 lt
6. Machine Dimensions 2,9 x 3,5 x 5,5 mt
7. Top Vibration Capacity 1,725 kW x 2
8. Bottom Vibration Capacity 4 kW x 6
9. Total Power Usage 76 kW
10. Minimum Product Height 19 cm
11. Maximum Product Height 25 cm
12.Vibration Force Max =160 kN
13. Pressing Capacity 2000-2500 pcs of blocks/hour
14. Number of Products on a Pallet 12 pcs. of 20-th blocks
15. Wooden Pallet Dimensions 146 x 90 x 4 cm
16.Mixer Capacity 1 m3