About Us


GLOBMAC is a brand name of AS Block makine, which has been producing concretes machines (Pavers ,road,bordure,arc,plates and block). Globmac is considered as a pioneer company in Turkey on the production of Blocks and cement tiles factory.

The company combines between high quality and easy operate as the factory works as full automatic. Using the best breaks and electrical panels provided by a GERMAN company. In addition, we provide a semi-automatic operate machine.

For the best performance we are using the most practical hydraulic system which

İs provided by an ITALIAN company to obtain a fast and accurate production. Hereby,

the factory can produce all kinds of block and cement tiles in several quantity exceeding the

customer expectations. We assure to provide to our customers the best maintenance method, periodical chek up and supply spare parts. Our industry is leading the concrete block machinery manufactures in Turkey.One of the GLOBMAC important parts are the engineers and qualified workers due to their efforts, knowledges and experiences products are continually new and developing.

With competitif prices, customer expectations meet the Globmac’s

production phiosophies.

GLOBMAC identify exactly the needs of customers by offering customized solutions to perform each concrete block production plant capacity. With appropriate investment to be used in the most efficient manner ,our machine goal goes beyond the expectations of customers with products and services. GLOBMAC serves more than twenty countries.

Thank you for you kind interest