What is Pumice Machine?

What is pumice machine? The pumice machine is used in the production of pumice block consisted of pumice which is a volcanic rock. As in briquette production, the automation of the machine is one of the widely preferred working principles in pumice production. Pumice stone is processed into a lightweight construction element and produced without losing its unique characteristics in accordance with its usage area and purpose.

During the processing of pumice stone, the pumice machine is exposed to the abrasive effects of the raw material that it interacts with directly. Therefore, the molds and mixers on these machines, which cannot be prevented from erosion in time, should be replaceable.

What is Pumice Machine?

We answered the question ”What is Pumice Machine?” But what is a pumice? Pumice is a natural stone formed by successive chemical reactions during volcanic activities. It has a hollow, porous, and spongy form. Due to these properties, pumice stone is a natural heat and sound insulator.

It is nature-friendly and long-lasting. Being non reactive chemically prevents the formation of microorganisms, so that makes it completely toxicologically harmless.

Due to its high durability, it is resistant to both earthquake and various atmospheric events. It also balances moisture naturally.

All these qualities make pumice one of the most preferred raw materials in the production of lightweight elements.

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