Pumice Machine Prices

Pumice Machine Prices

Since there are variables such as machine working principles, energy consumed per unit time, raw material production and production amount for pumice machine prices , it includes suitable options for every budget and requirement. In order to give the desired shape to the mortar used by changing its molds, a product can be output for many needs and usage areas with a single machine.

Pumice machine prices It is quite suitable within Globmac . Customers usually turn to machines that allow a different mold change range that can meet their demands with a long life.

Manual Pumice Machine Prices

It is possible to say that the demand for these machines, especially in the construction sector, is increasing day by day. Pumice machines can be divided into three as automatic, semi-automatic or manual according to the way they work.

In manual briquette machine systems, more manpower is used when producing blocks. It is the type of machine most preferred by small-scale enterprises in particular. The machine is used with a push mechanism with human power. It is possible to get 20x40x20 cm material output from this product, which produces approximately one thousand pumice or briquettes per day.

The use of different molds makes it possible to produce concrete blocks in desired shapes and sizes. It can work with 220 volts or 380 kW power. Wear resistant steels are preferred in its manufacture.

The working principle of the machine, the amount of stone blocks produced in unit time, pallet capacity, energy consumed, automation quality etc. features are also some of the important factors in pumice machine prices . You can contact us for details about manual briquette machine price or 2 hand briquette machine prices .

Pumice Machine?

pumice machine is used in the production of pumice , which is a volcanic rock, or more commonly known as pumice stone. Just like in the briquette machine, the automation feature is common in this machine in terms of the preferred working principles. In the process of turning pumice stone into a lightweight construction element, it provides production according to its usage area and purpose with its unique features.

pumice machine is also exposed to the abrasive effects of the raw material with which it interacts directly during pumice stone processing. Therefore, in these machines, molds and mixers, which cannot be prevented from being worn over time, should be replaceable.

Pumice blocks are the most preferred concrete block type in the construction industry in recent years. In fact , pumice machine, briquette machine or pumice briquette machine are not different products. Materials such as pumice , briquette, concrete parquet can be produced by a single machine. The pumice material produced can be used for the business’s own needs or for sales purposes.

Pumice Machine Prices

Briquette Machine Prices

Prices may vary depending on the production volume of the facility to be preferred and the technology of the machine. At the same time, factors such as the working principle and whether it is a second-hand product are also decisive.

It is essential to maintain customer satisfaction both during and after the sales process in the single or multiple supply of pumice machines for production facilities. In line with Globmac’s principles, prices are determined on a customer-oriented basis, with conditions suitable for your budget, both for machines and for maintenance, warranty and spare parts supply.

Globmac offers you the most suitable opportunities in line with your demands and your budget with its machines that can print out many products that can be used as construction elements and that contain world standards in the variety of raw material processing . Please contact us for detailed information about machine purchases, spare parts supply and maintenance services.

2nd Hand Pumice Machine Prices

Pumice blocks are one of the fixtures of today’s construction industry. One of the important determinants of the cost process at the point of pumice prices or briquette prices is pumice machines. These machines perform a series of operations such as crushing, screening and pressing. In this way , it is possible to obtain pumice in different sizes .

pumice machines contain parts that wear out as they are used. It is recommended to use new products for the durability of the machine components and for a long-lasting use. However, second-hand ones can be more advantageous in terms of cost in the short term. In long-term use, first-hand (zero) products seem more advantageous.

Globmac sells both new and used pumice machines . Some points to consider when choosing a product can be listed as follows:

  • Reference works of the company to be purchased to date
  • Working mode and technical features of the machines
  • After-sales technical service and spare parts service
  • Investments made by the company in the R&D unit

You can contact us to get information about our 0 and 2nd hand product prices and to request an order.