What Is A Grass Stone?

What is a Grass Stone? It is a structural element ensuring that the ground becomes hard, isolated from erosion and covered with a strong armor in areas with maximum environmental sensitivity. In addition to being used on roads that provide secure access to any place, it is frequently preferred in parking spaces.

The environmental awareness that has developed with the perspective of the modern world has made grassstone a frequently preferred element by architects / engineers / planners for any region where landscape will be designed.

What Is A Grass Stone? Properties of Grass Stone

Because of its interesting name, the question “What is a grass stone?“often comes up. But what is actually curious is the characteristics of the grass stone. Stones obtained from different molds of GLOBMAC machines are rich in functionality.

The natural beauty of the grass stone in the lawn and the high strength of its concrete provide a perfect combination for the landscape to be constructed. Grass stone is ideal to use in garage, park or any area where greenery is desired.

Advantages of Grass Stone

  • As the grass stone provides a natural integrity with the surface on which it is laid, it does not require border or
  • Thanks to its structure, it provides a release of hydrostatic pressure.
  • If used on steep slopes, it can contain concrete blocks that help prevention of weed
  • It allows drainage up to 90% compared to the original soil. And it helps to preserve natural ground conditions and the local ecosystem.
  • It helps to reuse groundwater as part of a renewable energy plan. As it provides rainwater accumulation, it acts as a natural filter for above ground.
  • If grass stone is installed in a dry area in terms of climate, the system may include an integrated irrigation mechanism.
  • It is eco- friendly with recyclable material content.

Where is grass stone used?

  • Car parks
  • Access roads
  • Fire and emergency transportation
  • Highway Edges
  • Sustainable urban drainage systems
  • Helipads and military facilities
  • Drainage channels

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