Concrete Paving Stone Machine

Concrete Paving Stone Machine

Concrete Paving Stone Machine

Concrete paving stone machine are machines that provide the formation of materials produced for use in the construction and building sector. Cobblestones are produced mostly for use in park, road, pavement and landscape design.

Concrete paving stone machine, these machines, which can now work with the automation system due to the advancement of technological possibilities, can produce at high capacity in less time.

Concrete Paving Stone Machine
Concrete Paving Stone Machine

Cobblestone Machine

Paving stone machines are often used today to obtain materials used in the construction and building industry. The cobblestones we see in parks, roads and pavements are produced by these machines. Thanks to quality production, parquets suitable for long-term use are produced.       “Concrete Paving Stone Machine”

The machines that produce many industrial stones such as hollow blocks, curbstones, paving stones, parquets are powerful machines with advanced technological infrastructure. Cobblestone production facilities can also be considered as a good investment tool. The need for concrete paving, briquette or paving stone in the rapidly developing building and construction sectors, both in our country and in the world, is constantly increasing. Therefore, the production of products needed by growing sectors can provide significant profitability to investor companies.

Where is the parquet machine used?

The parquet machines designed for the manufacture of parquets produced using concrete are widely used in two places today. Firms that produce concrete parquet and sell parquet or briquette to the needed sectors, and firms that want to produce parquet or briquettes needed for their own constructions and structures.

Briquette machines, which are used for both purposes, allow user companies to make more profit from the project by reducing their production and investment costs. From this point of view, briquette machines can be considered both as an investment tool and as a production element. However, the most important point to be considered in this process is to research the firm that provides the parquet or briquette machine, and to provide quality machines suitable for long-term use. Globmac, with its long years of knowledge and experience in the sector, is a leading company that realizes the high-tech production that companies need for briquette or concrete parquet machine. You can reach us at the contact numbers to take advantage of these opportunities.

Concrete Paving Stone Machine
Concrete Paving Stone Machine

What are the Types of Parquet Machines?

Paving machines used for the production of concrete paving, briquette, paving stones or curb stones are basically divided into two different classes. Although they are produced with the aim of performing basically the same function, their structures are different. Today, parquet machines; It is designed in two different ways as mobile concrete paving machine and stationary concrete machine.

Mobile concrete paving machines are machines that are built on a portable body and can be easily transported from one place to another. Fixed parquet machines, on the other hand, are machines designed on a fixed body in the installation area to operate in a fixed area.

“KB MBL Mobile (Portable) Concrete Paving and Briquette Machine”

parquet blocks are produced, which are needed to be used in different sectors and areas. These machines, which are high-tech products, can be easily transported and thus provide very important advantages to the manufacturer in short-term projects or projects where the work area can change. mobile parquet machines;

  • Thanks to its portable mobile structure, it significantly reduces the transportation cost.
  • Easily transported from one project site to another
  • Reduces the costs of companies that need less production
  • They can be used in both interior and exterior designs.

provide such advantages.

“Fixed Parquet Machine”

Fixed parquet machines are large and powerful machines that are installed in the area where the production will take place and cannot be moved to another area without being disassembled. Although it performs the same function as the mobile concrete paving machine, it differs in capacity and performance. Fixed parquet machines are designed to produce at a higher capacity than mobile parquet machines. Therefore, they are considered more performance and production oriented machines. Fixed parquet machines offer significant advantages in terms of time and cost to companies in terms of high-capacity processing. Fixed parquet machines;

  • Reduces costs by processing at high performance
  • Suitable for long-term and large projects
  • They offer the opportunity to produce more products in a short time
  • It is designed to be robust enough to operate at the same capacity for many years.
  • They operate smoothly in different climates and geographies.

provide such advantages.

Parquet Machine Prices

Parquet machines are produced in line with the demands of the customers. Price changes may occur according to production capacities or characteristics. Globmac is a leading company that realizes the high-tech production that companies need in terms of briquette or concrete parquet machine, with its knowledge and experience of many years in the sector.

Globmac, which provides all necessary support to companies both before and after sales, also provides it with the quality of the machines it has developed so that its business partners can perform more efficient production. Please contact us to benefit from these services.

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