Stretch Wrapping Machine

Stretch Wrapping Machine is a wrapping and packaging tool. The products that have been produced, made ready for shipment and placed on pallets should remain together. Stretch wrapping machine is used to keep them all together and to protect them against external factors in order not to damage them in any way. It is also called Pallet Wrapping Machine.

When different types and properties are considered, the methods applied to the winding products also vary. The product included in the pallet can be used in terms of structure, type, weight, impact sensitivity and so on. their properties determine the material to be used in winding.

How to Wrap Stretch Film?

If the products to be wrapped are rigid, a hoop is used for winding. Although the wrapping is usually made with stretch film, stretch hood may also be preferred to create a more robust pallet. In shrink wrapping, which is one of the methods of heat treatment packaging, stretch film is also used for products with box or package.

Stretch Wrapping Machines Based on Working Principles

Stretch Wrapping Machine has three types:

  • Manual
  • Semi-automatic
  • Fully automatic

Stretch Wrapping Machine Manual

In this machine, wrapping is done by the personnel. This manual wrapping method using manpower saves less both stretch and time compared to automatic machines. Because, in order to save more, the stretch must be sufficiently stretched and applied to the product or pallet. Personnel who experience tiredness and power loss over time increase the consumption of stretch so make the process more costly.

Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machines

This machine only performs wrapping. The personnel makes position changes required for stretch to be applied to the whole product or pallet.

Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machine

The whole process of wrapping the products is done by the machine. As the maximum amount of tension that can be applied to the stretch varies according to the working principles of the machine and the tensile strength of the stretch, this standards also determines how much savings will be achieved.

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