Pumice Machine

Pumice Machine

Pumice machine is the machines that produce pumice blocks , which is the most used concrete block type in the construction industry in recent years. Bims blocks are named with different dimensions within themselves. It is possible to have production facilities with different concepts for these stones produced by briquette machines.

pumice machine , also known as the briquette machine, is the machine that produces the pumice material by compressing it on different molds thanks to vibration and pressure. It has manual , semi-automatic and fully automatic operating system features.

Pumice Machine
Pumice Machine

Pumice Machine Prices

Any block production facility has more than one mechanism within itself. Purchasing a compact production facility also means having all the units that can produce from the mortar mix to the block arranging stage. A fixed price cannot be given for the machines to be used in Bims block production. The reasons for this situation;

  • Presence of different units in the unit
  • Production volumes at different rates
  • Whether the production facility is mechanical or manual
  • Side tools are used in the production process, including molding and stacking the molds

There is variation in the mini-factory prices demanded due to reasons such as: In addition, Globmac logistics services provided to different parts of the world stand out as another point that makes a difference in cost.

What is Pumice Machine?

First of all, it would be correct to answer the question of “what is bims”. pumice; It is obtained from pumice stone, which is a natural rock. Pumice stone is a briquette-like construction and building element obtained after processing by machines. The use of pumice is increasing day by day. This is due to the fact that the material is ideal for buildings and constructions. Bims has the characteristics of pumice stone. These; Bimsin is very durable, light, environmentally friendly and prevents the formation of microorganisms.

The building material called pumice is produced by specially produced machines. The pumice briquette machine is extremely powerful and has a high production capacity. Pumice block production machine is grouped according to different production features. These;

  • Manual Pumice Machine
  • Semi-Automatic Pumice Machine
  • Fully Automatic Pumice Machine

is presented to you. Each of these machines has different production features. The fact that companies prefer according to their production capacity causes the cost to decrease. For this reason, you should choose your choices in accordance with the production of your company.

Pumice Machine
Pumice Machine

“Manual Pumice Machine”

  • Manpower is required during production
  • It produces an average of 800 – 1000 pumice blocks per day.
  • It is preferred in regions where manpower cost is low.
  • It can be preferred for newly established businesses and businesses that are not intensive in production.

“Semi-Automatic Pumice Machine”

  • It is a facility formed by the combination of mixer, conveyor belt and machine trio as a minimum.
  • Manpower is needed in some areas
  • The resulting products are sent to dry using custom-made wheelbarrows.
  • Optionally, bunker and cement silo can be added to the facility as needed.

“Full Automatic Pumice Machine”

  • 24 hours full capacity operation
  • It can produce 10000 – 12000 pieces of briquette stones by working 8 hours on average.
  • It has a computer-aided automation system
  • No need for manpower

Pumice Machine Usage Areas?

Production facilities required for pumice production can be purchased for different purposes. There are two of the most used fields. These; to buy for its own needs and to produce pumice and put it on the market.

Construction and building companies can undertake large-scale or long-term projects. There is a constant need for pumice to be used in these projects. Companies can provide pumice facilities and see their own needs. This method provides profitability to the company in long-term and large projects. Smaller or medium-sized companies can also supply pumice facilities. These companies produce pumice and sell them in the market according to the needs. It can produce and sell building materials just like a manufacturing facility.

If you want to place an order among the machines with alternatives for the production of concrete blocks and parquet blocks, you can contact us. You can make the right choice for your preference by meeting with our team, where the details are analyzed for your order.

Second Hand Briquette Machine

Globmac also sells used briquette machines. These clean and trouble-free machines are more affordable than new briquette machines. In line with the requests of the companies, second-hand pumice machines are sold. However, if the production facility you have established is new and has a high production capacity, we do not recommend second-hand machines.

It is generally used in construction machinery, construction sites and facility areas. Due to second hand machines, malfunctions may occur during production. For this reason, we recommend new machines to companies.

As the Globmac family, we make it easy for you to have our machines with the best price and design. It is also possible to benefit from spare parts and services of Globmac, which continues its production with years of experience. You can have detailed information about our products by calling our contact addresses in order to benefit from these services and opportunities of Globmac.

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