Parquet Manufacturing Plant

Parquet Manufacturing Plant

Parquet production facility is the place where concrete paving stones are produced, which are generally used on roads, sidewalks or various private areas in cities. Paving stone has a durable structure as well as a very aesthetic appearance.

Parquet manufacturing plant functions as a manufacturing facility, also known as a concrete paving factory. Machinery and equipment required to produce ready-to-use concrete parquet are located in these facilities. It is possible to produce concrete parquet in different shapes and sizes using the same machines. The concrete paving machine, which stands out with its functional features, can also be supplied as an investment tool.

Parquet Manufacturing Plant

Concrete Parquet Production Facility

First of all, “How is concrete parquet produced?” Let’s answer your question. Large parquet machines in production facilities; It mixes aggregate, cement and water in certain proportions. This mixture obtained is poured into special molds through the machine. After operations such as pressing and vibration are performed here, the concrete mortar is brought into parquet form. After drying, the parquet becomes ready for use. The facilities where all these processes are carried out are called cobblestone production facilities .

Concrete paving machines can produce in different sizes and shapes. It can also produce briquettes . Different products can be produced as a result of the same process by using different mortar contents and molds. Curbstone and pumice are examples of these. Production capacities may vary depending on the model and technical features of the machine.

Concrete Paving Machine Types

Concrete pavements are among the most preferred building materials in road and city landscape. It provides an aesthetic appearance to the used area or road. Since the parquets are resistant to abrasions and impacts, their lifespan is also long.

In today’s world, where urbanization is constantly increasing, the need for parquet is also increasing accordingly. For this reason, different types and models of parquet and briquette production machines are produced by various companies . In the past, only manual machines could be produced, but today, semi-automatic and automatic briquette machines are preferred at high rates.

In manual parquet machines, manpower is used in many processes required for parquet manufacturing. Therefore, these machines have a lower production capacity compared to other models. In semi-automatic machines, the necessary adjustments in the production process are made by one person. But these adjustments are made through the control panel. On the other hand, in the fully automatic parquet machine, all necessary operations are carried out with a computerized automation system. Thus, parquet production can be realized at high capacities without the need for manpower.

Parquet Manufacturing Plant

Paving Stone Machine Manufacturers

With the expansion of the city limits and the establishment of new living spaces, the need for parquet is increasing day by day. As the concrete paving or interlocking cobblestone sector grew, machines of different brands began to be produced.

The cost of the paving stone production facility is affected by certain criteria listed below.

  • Technical specifications of the machines in the facility
  • Working principle of machines
  • Physical dimensions of the facility
  • Equipment required outside the machine

It can affect prices.

Interlocking cobblestone production plant is a long-term investment branch. Globmac is a brand that manufactures concrete parquet and briquette machines and was established under ASBLOK. Today, the company is known for its productions both in Turkey and in the world. Concrete paving machines produced by Globmac are used in different continents of the world.

All machines of the company, which has been in the sector for more than 50 years, are designed by its own engineer staff. working together provides support to companies in matters such as consultancy and technical service on concrete paving machines. You can contact Globmac to procure a concrete paving machine from an institutional and reliable manufacturer .

Parquet Manufacturing Plant

Concrete Parquet Production Machine Prices

With the increase in the need for concrete parquet, the demand for these products is also increasing. Today, parquet machines are generally used in two ways. The first of these; are municipalities. Municipalities are responsible for the landscaping and construction of inner cities. That’s why they constantly need concrete flooring. Establishing a cobblestone production facility has become a necessity for certain institutions or businesses.

The parquets needed in the construction of inner city roads and pavements can be met by the municipalities themselves. Today, many municipalities can produce the concrete pavements they need within their own structure. Another area where parquet machines are used is; companies produce parquet and put it on the market.

Since the parquet industry is a very large area, there is a constant demand in the market. Firms produce and sell parquet to meet this demand. Parquet production facility in different capacities and models for every need Designed by Globmac . You can contact us for Globmac brand concrete parquet machine prices.