Mobile Briquette Making Machine

Mobile briquette making machine has a portable design to manufacture briquettes that are used in construction. Although this type of machine has the same function as the machines installed fix in the project area, it also has some different advantages.

Mobile briquette making machine is designed in such a way that it can be easily transported from one place to another. Thus, it provides convenience to companies in the first installation and in the transportation that may occur in the following periods.

What is a Mobile Briquette Making Machine?

Today, briquette is used in many sectors — especially in construction industry as a basic material. It can be produced in certain molds after mixing certain proportions of aggregate, water and cement through briquette machines. Machines that make mass production of briquettes are called briquette machines or briquette plant. These powerful machines are produced in two different designs.

Instead of being mounted on the project site, the mobile briquette machine is built on an easily transportable body. In addition to lowering shipping costs, it has many other advantages as well.

What is a Mobile Briquette Making Machine?
Mobile Briquette Machine Advantages

Mobile Briquette Machine Advantages

In some cases, companies producing briquettes have to work in different project areas. A mobile briquette machine has been designed to eliminate the transportation problems that may arise in such cases. In order for large and very heavy briquette machines to be transported, they must first be disassembled. The parts must be placed on the trucks and then reassembled in the other area. These processes lead to great expenses in terms of time and cost. Mobile briquette machines are created for companies to reduce these costs and save time. The other advantages are given as follows:

  • Briquette production is made with a lower budget.
  • No need for large areas and facilities for briquette production.
  • Ideal production capacity for small and medium sized companies and projects.
  • It does not take up much space because it is smaller than stationary concrete machine.
  • Since its mobility, it significantly reduces the logistics cost. It can be easily transported from one project site to another.

Where To Use Mobile Briquette Machine?

The briquette machine can be supplied and produced by any person or company who wants to produce briquettes. But it used to have only one design that requires a large area and more budget: the stationary briquette machine. With the widespread use of briquette machines, the new type of machine has been developed to work in smaller areas and transport easily. It is called mobile briquette machines and can be used for two different purposes.

  • To produce and sell briquettesThis method is the main source of income for many companies today as purchasing the briquette machine and selling the briquette produced are made at more affordable costs. It can be considered as a direct income method. It is very suitable for small and medium-sized companies.
  • To produce briquettes for their own needs: It is a method applied especially by the companies that constantly carry out construction projects. These companies are able to produce as many briquettes as they need by establishing their own briquette production facilities instead of buying them from outside. Mobile briquette machines gives important advantages to companies in the long term by transporting easily to the different project sites.

Globmac Mobile Briquette Machines

There are many different brands and types of briquette machines in the market. The   brand of the machine is the most important factor determining the quality of the briquette machine and therefore the product produced. In order to be a good briquette machine manufacturer, it is indispensable to operation in the sector for many years and to have sufficient infrastructure and human resources.

As GlobMac, we are a leading company that manufactures mobile briquette machines and concrete paving machines with long years of experience and high technology in the sector. GlobMac provides high quality machines and all the necessary support before and after sales to ensure its business partners producing more efficiently.

Where To Use Mobile Briquette Machine?
Mobile Briquette Making Machine Prices

Mobile Briquette Making Machine Prices

As Globmac, we produce different types of mobile briquette machines in order to provide the most proper machine to the different needs of the companies we work with. Mobile briquette machines has different specifications and capacities as well as Globmac assurance.

Mobile briquette machine prices may differ on the type and features of the machine. You can contact us to get price and detailed information.