Fully Automatic Briquette Machine

A fully automatic briquette machine performs all the necessary production operations of briquettes without human-power or human assistance. It is a computer-aided machine with a advanced automation system.

The fully automatic briquette machine is functional that it can produce both concrete paving stones and briquettes on its own. Apart from the full automation, briquette machines have also semi-automatic and manual options. However, the fully automatic machine is the most advanced equipment in briquette production since using the latest technology.

What is Fully Automatic Briquette Machine?

Before defining the briquette machine, the following question should be firstly answered: What is a briquette? A briquette is an artificial stone block manufactured for use in walls, roofs or different structures in construction industry. It is obtained by mixing certain amounts of aggregate, water and cement. The briquette machine performs all these processes as well as necessary vibrating and pressing.

Briquette production comprises of the consequent different complicated processes. Operational tasks of a briquette machine determine which features it should have. For example, the fully automatic briquette-making machine has an advanced automation system so that being able to perform all production steps alone.

What is Fully Automatic Briquette Machine?
Automatic Briquette Machine Specifications

Automatic Briquette Machine Specifications

Briquette machines are manufactured in various types with different features to meet the needs of companies. Each machine has significant advantages and some features that stand out. While supplying a briquette machine, the major points to be considered are the exact determination of the requirements and the proper machine type matching well with these requirements.

General features of automatic machines are:

  • Fully automatic operation
  • Depending on the capacity, they can have a printing capacity of 100 to 300 per hour.
  • Hydraulic system in all movements of the machines
  • Machine capacity can be adjusted at desired rates.
  • Time and energy-saving advantage for companies

Globmac Fully Automatic Briquette Machines

As GlobMac, we are a brand established under ASBLOK Machinery. Our major field of activity is the manufacture of machines whose some outputs are such as paving stones, curbstones, briquettes, and tile stones in various shapes and sizes. Briquette machines can be combined with aggregate bunkers, weighing units, concrete mixers and conveyor belts. The forming system becomes a concrete block manufacture facility.

The fully automatic briquette machines we manufacture can operate at high capacity for many years. Our briquette and concrete paver machines are manufactured using the latest technological possibilities. A fully automatic machine can control all production processes by a computer-aided automation systems.

Globmac Fully Automatic Briquette Machines

Features of Globmac Fully Automatic Briquette Factory

As Globmac, we manufacture briquette machines with different capacities and features in order to offer suitable solutions to companies looking for briquette machines. Although each machine has its own unique features, Globmac fully automation briquette machines have the followings:

  • Fully automatic operation
  • Stones like paving stone, curbstone, rain gutter, grass stone are manufactured by only changing molds.
  • If desired, it can reach the maximum flow rate – the flow rates of more than two pumps are transferred to the same cylinder
  • With heater and cooler in the system, the temperature of the unit is constantly kept under control.
  • All movements in the automatic part are easily controlled by the PLC System. Thanks to this system, systematic and mechanical functions such as possible malfunctions on the machine, number of prints, number of products can be easily observed.
  • All movements of the machine work with a hydraulic system.
  • The output product can be sorted by a stacking robot and a wooden pallet. The machine can prepare the mortar fully automatically.

Fully Automatic Briquette Machine Prices

Our company produces briquette machines in different models by Globmac engineers. The machines have been optimized for companies that manufacture briquette or concrete paver to work in the most efficient way. You can contact us for detailed information about the features and prices of Globmac briquette machines. We provide the necessary support not only during sales but also before and after sales.

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