Mobile Block Machine

Mobile block machine is a high-tech block machine that offers great advantages for the production of all types of concrete blocks. With this block machine, many products such as hollow blocks, curbstones, paving stones, parquets, and so on can be produced quickly and smoothly.

Mobile block machine makes construction projects to complete quickly. It is preferred by the leading companies of the sector because it is the most cost-effective machine. Its working principle is the same as stationary concrete block machines, but have smaller dimensions.

Advantages of Mobile Block Machine

The use of mobile block machine offers important advantages in terms of time, cost and logistics. First of all, it should be examined that whether the project can be carried out with mobile machines. The advantages of mobile machines can be possible if used in suitable projects. Otherwise, negative results may occur in terms of timing and cost.

The advantages of mobile block machines can be listed as follows:

  • Large plants are not required for the production of concrete blocks or similar products.
  • It enables more flexible production for small projects or individual customers.
  • It does not take up much space, since it is much smaller than stationary concrete machines.
  • Its portable structure reduces significantly logistics cost. It can be easily moved from one project site to another.

KB MBL Mobile Block Making Machine

Mobile Block Machine For Sale

GlobMAC is one of the reliable brands of the industry with its R&D activities producing its own technology and its concrete block machines made using advanced engineering. In addition to the concrete block plants produced so far, it offers benefits of the blessings of technology for every project with its mobile block machine.

You can produce many concrete products such as landscape products, bricks, retaining wall units with GlobMAC’s mobile block machines. GlobMAC, which offers ideal solutions for construction companies all over the world, also meets the needs of companies that have recently entered the construction industry, with the best quality of portable block machine.

Portable Concrete Block Machines

The advantages of concrete blocks produced with portable concrete block machines can be listed as follows:

  • They can be used in both interior and exterior designs.
  • They are robust, maintenance-free and long-lasting.
  • Since they are produced according to certain standard sizes, they provide convenience at the project stage of the constructions.
  • Apart from standard sizes, they can be produced in desired sizes.
  • They can be produced quickly and installed easily. In this way, they reduce the cost.
  • They are resistant to fire.
  • It has a good heat and sound insulation. There is no need to use additional materials to provide insulation.

Concrete Block Types