Mobile Block Machine

Mobile Block Machine

The mobile block machine is a high-tech product that offers great advantages for the production of all types of concrete blocks. Thanks to these machines, hollow blocks, curbstones, paving stones, parquets and many other products can be produced quickly and without any problems.

With the mobile block machine , it is possible to complete construction projects quickly. It is preferred by the leading companies of the sector because it is the most cost-effective machine. Its working principle is the same as the stationary concrete block machines, but its smaller size has made it stand out.

Mobile Block Machine Prices

The block making machine is a device that contains a large number of mechanical and electronic components. It is an important point that the material that forms the basis of the physical structure of the machine is made of high quality steel. The profit will increase as the machine is used.

have been developed for the production of extremely robust products such as bricks and pumice in accordance with various standards. Concrete blocks are among the cornerstones of the construction industry. For this reason, it will be a very profitable investment to purchase mobile or stationary machines that produce concrete blocks.

Block machines are also known as briquette machine , pumice machine or paving stone machine. Globmac is a leading manufacturer known for its position in the sector and solution partnerships in projects around the world.

Mobile Block Machine

Our expert staff and customer representatives can perform a detailed analysis for you before the sale takes place. Thus, it can be clearly revealed which type of machine and which technical features you need. The machine can also run smoothly for years with the help of after-sales service and technical support services.

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Mobile Block Machine Advantages

The use of mobile machines offers significant advantages in terms of time, cost and logistics. First of all, it should be noted that it should be carefully reviewed whether the project can be realized with mobile machines.

The advantages of mobile machines may be possible with their use in appropriate projects. Otherwise, negative consequences may arise in terms of timing and cost. The advantages of mobile block machines can be listed as follows:

  • Large facilities are not required for the production of concrete blocks or similar products.
  • It enables more flexible production for small-scale projects or individual customers.
  • Since it is much smaller than stationary concrete machines, it does not take up much space. Thus, the remaining work areas can be used efficiently.
  • Thanks to its mobile structure, it significantly reduces logistics costs. It can be easily moved from one project site to another.

Mobile Block Machine For Sale

Globmac is the reliable brand of the sector with its R&D structure that produces its own technology and concrete block machines made using advanced engineering. With the mobile block machines it has developed in addition to the concrete block plants it has produced so far, every construction project is offered the opportunity to benefit from the blessings of technology.

Glob mac’s mobile block machines, you can produce many concrete products such as landscaping products, bricks, retaining wall units. Offering ideal solutions for construction companies all over the world, the company responds to the needs of companies that have just entered the construction industry with the best quality portable block machines in its class.

Mobile Block Machine
Mobile Block Machine
  • They can be used in both interior designs and exterior designs.
  • They are robust, maintenance-free and long-lasting.
  • Since they are produced according to certain standard dimensions, they provide convenience in the project phase of constructions.
  • Apart from standard sizes, they can also be produced in desired sizes.
  • They can be produced quickly and can be laid easily. In this way, they reduce the cost.
  • They are fire resistant.
  • Heat and sound insulation is good. There is no need to use additional materials to provide insulation.

How to Use Mobile Block Machine?

So how are mobile block or briquette machines used? To answer this question, it is necessary to know the type of machine. According to the working principle of block making machines

  • automatic block machine
  • semi automatic block machine
  • manual block machine

It can be divided into three. In manual machines, manpower is also actively used during production. They work manually. It is generally preferred by small-scale production enterprises.

Although a certain level of manpower is needed in semi-automatic machines, the product does most of the remaining work. An operator directs the machine during briquette production. The commands sent to the machine are managed via the control panel. Thus, a single person can actuate the hydraulic systems.

Fully automatic machines, on the other hand, are known for having an extremely high volume production capacity despite their high power consumption. All directions required for the operation of the machine are carried out by the PLC control mechanism. It has a computer-aided automation system. The operator controls the hydraulic system.