Keystone Making Machine

Keystone Making Machine

Keystone making machine is the device that performs the mass production of the aforementioned material. During production, different molds can be used and keystones can be produced with desired properties. These devices, which produce the locked version of the cobblestone, are also known as cobblestone machines .

The keystone making machine is highly functional and high performance. Globmac production interlocking paving stone machines can also produce materials such as pumice and curbstone by changing the mold. Thanks to the automation system, the need for manpower in production has decreased. These machines are frequently preferred in the fields of environment and urbanism, and in landscape works.

Keystone Making Machine Prices

Today , the use of keystone is common on pavements and some concrete roads. Mass production of these stones can meet the needs of municipalities and related companies. Paving stones are manufactured using natural aggregates. The technical features and working principles of the machines that undertake the production of these stones may differ between models.

By changing the molds used in production, the sizes and shapes of locked paving stones can be changed. The machines are produced in line with the demands of the companies. Therefore, the technical features and dimensions of the products are variable. Therefore, it is not possible to specify a clear and predetermined price.

Our engineers design machines to be the most efficient. All demand details from the company are taken into account. With spare parts and technical support service, there is no disruption in production. You can contact us via our contact information on our website to get your own unique prices by explaining your requests or needs.

Keystone Making Machine

Cobblestone Machine For Sale

Our keystone making machine solutions are gathered under the name of KB product series. You can examine our products from the table below.

Production Capacity110-120 Pallets per hour120-130 Pallets per Hour120-130 Pallets per Hour160-170 Pallets per hour
Weight8.5 Tons14 Tons25 Tons43 Tons
Hydraulic Oil Capacity500 lt1000 lt1250 lt1300 lt
Dimension2,60x5x3,40 mt2,75x6,7x3,4 mt3x7,7x3,4 mt3x8,2x3,4 mt
Total Power Usage50 kW80 kW90 kW115 kW
Working systemAutomatic PLC or manualFully automatic or semi-automaticFully automatic PLCFully automatic PLC

Technical features or dimensions of our products, which are also called concrete parquet machines , can be changed according to customer demands. Manual paving stone machine is not a popular solution as it will increase the need for human labor and production will be slower.

Automatic and semi-automatic machines do much more work in a short time and have a high production volume. In the long run, the rate of profit rises considerably.

Keystone Making Machine

Paving Stone Making Machine Prices

Paving stone machine prices or second hand paving stone machine prices are affected by some factors, some of which can be listed as follows.

  • Working principle of the machine
  • Technical characteristics of the product and production volume
  • Pricing policies of the business
  • For second-hand products, the device’s durability, wear rate, production capacity, etc.

With these devices, materials such as briquettes and pumice can be produced using different molds. With these aspects , they can also be considered as a briquette machine . Used machines can be more affordable. However, it is seen that zero products are more profitable in the long run. As long as high performance production continues, there is a significant increase in the profit rate over time.

New products have technical service and spare parts guarantee. It is also generally more durable and higher performing than second-hand products. The price issue, as mentioned before, is directly proportional to customer demands. You can contact us for up-to-date information about prices.

Keystone Making Machine

Keystone Paving Stone Production Facilities

A cobblestone manufacturing plant consists of many basic and optional components. For example, the sine qua non of these facilities are the KB series production machines. Apart from these, some important equipment produced by Globmac to increase work efficiency and reduce human labor can be listed as follows:

  • Spider X electric picking robot: It is possible to gain speed by using this robot to collect the materials obtained as a result of mass production.
  • KB FNC Finger Car rack systems: this system, which means finger car, is similar to the robotic state of a human being with both hands extended towards the ground at a 90 degree angle.
  • Pars series concrete block and pumice machines
  • KB STR Stretch wrapping machines
  • KB FRK Product collection forklift: It is used for collecting, sorting and transporting production materials. It saves time and power by minimizing human labor.
  • KB WSH Product/Stone washing machine