Automatic Block Machine

Automatic Block Machine

Automatic block machine is preferred by many companies as it meets the sectoral needs by saving time and cost in the light of technological developments. Thanks to these machines, which can produce fast solutions to the requirements, projects realized in long periods can be completed in a much shorter time.

Automatic block machine is much more efficient than the manual and semi-automatic machines used in the past in terms of the product it produces in unit time. However, it should not be forgotten that the selection of the machine should be in accordance with the needs of the project to be realized. You can contact us for state-of-the-art machines in compliance with world standards.

Fully Automatic Block Machine

Making machine selection according to the needs of the project is one of the most important points. There are three different types of concrete block making machines according to the automation process .

Semi-automatic block machine: In this type of machines, production is carried out with the need for a small amount of manpower. It is recommended for companies that want to carry out medium-level production. It can be controlled by means of hydraulic arms and pistons.

Manual block machine: Human labor is used in the production stages. It is recommended to be used in small towns and businesses. It can produce approximately 800-1000 concrete blocks in 8 hours.

Fully automatic concrete block machine : It provides the opportunity to produce all kinds of block products by employing a maximum of two or three workers. It is recommended to experienced companies that have strengthened their presence in the sector. It is recommended for businesses that need high production volumes. It can produce an average of 10000 to 12000 concrete blocks in 8 hours. It is a machine that can work 24 hours a day.

Automatic block machine

KB Series Fully Automatic Parquet and Concrete Block Machines

Globmac, an experienced company in the automatic block machine production sector, produces KB series concrete block machines. These machines can produce materials such as brick , cobblestone or curbstone by changing molds.

Globmac production Pars series machines can produce pumice or briquettes. For this reason , they can also be called by names such as briquette machine or pumice machine. You can examine the KB series machines from the table below.

Automatic Block Machine

Concrete Block MachineFeatures
KB 12It can be controlled by automatic PLC or manually. Machine production capacity is 120 pallets per hour. The device weighs 8.5 tons and has a hydraulic oil capacity of 500 liters. KB 12 consumes a total of 50 kW of power.
KB 25It can be operated semi-automatically or fully automatically. It can produce 800 m2 keystone and 10-12 thousand briquettes in 8 hours. By changing the mold, many materials such as key paving stones and rain gutters can be produced.
KB 36This machine, which can be operated fully automatically, can produce 1000-1200 m2 of keystone and up to 18 thousand briquettes in an 8-hour shift.
KB 42The concrete block machine, which can be operated fully automatically, has a very high production capacity. It can produce up to 22 thousand briquettes in 8 hours.

Concrete Block Making Machine

These machines manufacture building elements called concrete blocks. Concrete blocks are used in many areas such as road construction, social living areas, construction and landscaping works. Block machines can incorporate a single or double bucket system. The mixture specially prepared for the concrete block is transferred to certain molds.

Ready-mixed concrete transferred to the molds is mixed thoroughly. In this way, it can be placed in the mold completely and without gaps. In the next stage, the concrete is compacted with a hydraulic press. Thus, blocks of desired shapes and sizes are obtained.

Companies operating in related sectors need concrete block machines to increase existing capacity and expand business. It would be useful to consider certain factors before investing in this area and purchasing a machine. Factors such as the type of block machine needed and post-purchase services are among these. If you need consultancy on this subject, you can contact us so that we can make your plans together.

Automatic block machine

Cobblestone Machine

Devices that produce paving stone, which is a kind of concrete block, also fall into the category of block machines. KB series machines produced by Globmac can produce paving stones. paving stone machines,

  • Landscape studies aimed to be carried out in the field of environment and urbanism
  • In the superstructure designs of cities
  • In making social areas such as pavements, roads or parks more functional and aesthetic
  • In order to meet the aesthetic needs of the region

It can be used. Moreover, materials such as pumice or briquettes can be produced with these machines. So, how is the production of paving stones in these machines? First, the cement mixture is prepared and poured into certain molds. The mold is moved (via the vibration system) so that there are no gaps or air bubbles in the mold. The hydraulic system compresses the existing mixture. The mixture, which takes the shape of the mold as a result of the compression process, takes the form of cobblestone. In the final stage, the material is left to dry.