Interlocking Paving Stone

The use of Interlocking Paving Stone continues to increase day by day in many areas. From the public spaces of local governments to the use of individual areas, many landscaping works are needed.

Interlocking Paving Stone adds both a functional solution and an aesthetic value, especially in areas where visual gain is achieved. The correct machine use is a very important point for the creation of the stone structure of the locked parquet. Therefore, it is not the case that you have to As GLOBMAC, we continue to provide you with the highest quality service during the supply phase of the machines that will offer products with the use of the most suitable substances.

Interlocking Paving Stone Pallet Prices

Interlocking Paving Stone Prices are generally calculated through pallets within the market. It is possible to print according to different dimensions in Globmac machine production. Raw materials are used according to the technical specifications determined according to the preferences and uses of thecompanies.

Globmac continues its services in the process of direct machinery production and supply within the sector. The purposes of use of our machines can provide options for different volumes within certain criteria. For this reason, offering a single Locked Cobblestone Pallet Price will be incomplete due to the pricing that varies from day to day.

Interlocking Paving Stone Features

Concrete parquets are produced in different sizes according to different strengths and shapes due to their structure. The most obvious feature of the locked cobblestone compared to normal parquets can be summarized as connecting with each other without the need to make separate operations for joint boundaries.

Interlocking Paving Stone is a model with asymmetrical edges produced in a specific design and system. For this reason, it is among the most used cobblestone models in the world in landscaping and landscaping works.

  • The Interlocking Paving Stone is a highly durable parquet model dueto the construction phase.
  • After installation, the cost of maintenance and repair is quite low, very little maintenance is required,
  • This model of parquet also helps to get the proper and proper work done in terms of workmanship. The flooring process is quite comfortable through a good master.
  • It is not stable in the laying area. If there will be editing or infrastructure work if necessary, Interlocking Paving Stone is the ideal solution. After the assembly process, it has a reassembly structure without being dismantled and deformed.
  • It is the reason of choice in terms of different alternatives in terms of user. The interlocking cobblestone, which has a different color scale, also offers a wide range of alternatives for size and forming.
  • In this model of the cobblestone; it is possible to use it outdoors, which are difficult to cover, such as pool circles and steep ramps. In addition, it has a non-slip feature with additional studies when it is deemed necessary for health and life-threatening situations.

Interlocking Paving Stone Flooring

Blocks can often be furnished by hand, but wheel carts or any other mechanical aids can speed up the work. In line with general principles, the flooring begins from the edge strip and moves towards the center line. If notched blocks are used, the flooring made on both sides will be a problem in terms of merging in the center. Therefore, when starting the laying process and continuing the process, it should be proceeded in only one direction along the width of the area to be laid as much as possible.


Locked cobblestone is also known as keystone, which is another name among the people. Globmac, the keystone production machine, is taking firm steps towards becoming a world brand with the quality production centers it offers to the companies that serve at the point of keystone production.

Where to Use Paving Stone

So where is cobblestone used? A favorite building element cobblestone by both manufacturers in the construction sector, contractors and business or residential owners has many uses. Some of them are:

  • City landscape: It is almost the most common cobblestone application. It shouldn’t be difficult to change the skyline of a city with its colorful and interesting paving stones streets and streets.
  • Garage floor: It is quite often preferred by those who want a garage floor that is natural in terms of visuals and suitable for your taste.
  • Walking paths: One of the different ways to build more walkable routes. In addition, various decorative patterns can be created with some asphalt finishing materials.

Pool edges: It is constantly wet and slippery, a pool edge is quite dangerous. Therefore, one of the most aesthetic and safe ways to eliminate the risk of falling is to lay cobblestones around the pool.

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