Paving Stone Machine

As a result of urbanization, paving stone machine produces paving stone which is widely used in order to meet aesthetic requirements in landscape architecture. So, the choice of modern, aesthetic and robust products, which can adapt to the dynamism of cities, has become a necessity. This has led to seek a new alternative rather than the previous floor slab elements. This paving  machine is used to obtain paving stone, which is part of this modernization process.

Features of the Paveing Stone Machine

The machine works by pouring the raw material of the stone into molds with different shapes using its vibration and compression method. The durability of the stone is also ensured in this process. This is because the mortar is first exposed to vibration and then to high pressure. Therefore, the air gaps between the aggregates are minimized. Application of High pressure is made through hydraulic pistons.

In addition, the machine produces different types of outputs depending on some variables such as ingredients of raw material (e.g. concrete paving stone machine or interlocking paving stone machine), intended use, dimensions of mold, production per unit time, hopper capacities or operating principles.

Fully Automatic Paver Block Machine

In paver block machines, all stages are automated so that there is a minimum need for manpower.

Semi-Automatic Paving Stone Machine

In these machines, manpower is needed when especially in the final production stage of paver block, that is, in the process of stacking stones and transporting them to usage area. Compared to automatic machines, in some stages, automation is accompanied by authorized personnel.

Manual Paving Stone Making Machine

These are the machines in which the control of the mixer is provided by the personnel throughout the whole process from filling up with raw material to shaping and production. It requires more people and therefore more labor.

Paver Block Making Machine For Sale

The reason why concrete paver block is one of the common building elements produced is that this machine offers wide options in terms of features and price range in the market. In addition, the amount of power consumed per unit time, the opportunity of part replacement and practical usage details play important roles in price comparison in this machine.

Concrete Block Types