How to Make Lightweight Concrete Blocks?

In today’s article, we will talk about how to make lightweight concrete blocks. One of the most used slogans of our age is “Do It Yourself”. For small-scale construction works for hobby purposes, you can produce lightweight blocks on your own and make modifications for decorative or functional purposes.

How to make lightweight concrete blocks for use in walkways, fireplaces, indoor decoration work? The reason we chose lightweight blocks is that traditional blocks are too heavy and are manufactured for use in industrial jobs. Now, let’s begin to explain how you can make your own lightweight block with a very simple recipe.

How to make lightweight concrete blocks? What Is Used In Its Production?

Lightweight blocks are obtained by mixing concrete with volcanic glasses called perlite. The amount of this porous rock used as aggregate may vary depending on the type of project you will perform. If you are going to use it indoors or in an environment that will not be affected by weather conditions, you can maximize the lightness of the mixture. If you are going to use it outdoors, a medium weight mixture will be more useful.

Prepare Mixing Water

Start generating mixing water first. Add five gallons of water to a blender. If you want to produce colored blocks, you can put colorants at this stage. If you do not want all the blocks in same color, you will need to prepare several different types of mixing water. If you do not have a mixer and you are going to mix by hand, you can prepare the mixture water several times being attentive to keep the ratio same.

Add Cement Paste

Pour the mixture you prepared with water and colorants into cement. We can say that a 94-kg cement bag will be sufficient for our lightweight concrete recipe. Remember to mix when adding cement and not to spill more than half a bag at one time. Otherwise, the consistency of the mixture may not be what you want. After adding entire cement to the mixture, you can start preparing the perlites.

Add Sand

The material that the most make heavier concrete mixture is sand. Since we want to produce lightweight concrete blocks, we will use as little sand as possible. We recommend 22 liters of sand for the lightest mixture. You can add one more bucket of sand to get stronger blocks. The heavier your products, more durable they are. So make sure you get the ratio that suits needs of your project.

Add Perlite

Perlite is a light aggregate. Fill five buckets with perlite. Pour only one bucket of mixture on each time and mix well. As you add perlite, you will see that the mixture hardens.

Pour Into Mold

When answering the question of how to make lightweight blocks, we mentioned before that you should act according to the needs of the project. Your decisions are important also in the pouring into mold. You will completely decide which sizes and shapes of mold to use. The only point you need to pay attention is to wait 24 hours before removing the molds. Then, you cover the blocks and leave them in a sun and wind-free environment. You may need to wait for about a month.


Your concrete blocks will be ready for use after they are completely dry. You will be able to safely use the blocks between 50 and 100 years.

The recipe given in this article regarding how to make lightweight concrete blocks, is valid only for domestic and hobby use. Do not use this recipe for your professional needs.

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