Automatic Block Making Machine

Automatic block making machine is preferred by many companies because it meets the sectoral needs by saving time and cost in light of technological developments. Thanks to these machines, which can produce fast solutions to the requirements, long-term projects are implemented in a much shorter time.

The automatic block making machine is much more efficient in terms of prodution rate than the manual and semi-automatic machines used in the past . Nevertheless, it should be remembered that the machine selection should be appropriate to the needs of the project to be made. You can contact us for the new technology machines in accordance with the world standards.

Semi Automatic, Fully Automatic and Automatic Block Making Machines

As mentioned before, the most important point is to select the machine compatible with the project needs. There are three different types of machines depending on the automation process.

  • Semi-automatic block making machine: In this type of machines, production is done by using more labor force. It is recommended for entrepreneurs who are inexperienced and beginner in this sector.
  • Automatic block making machine: It has the opportunity to get more products by employing less workers. It is recommended for companies who have more experience in the sector and want to produce all kinds of block products.
  • Fully automatic concrete block making machine: It provides the possibility to produce all kinds of block products by employing maximum two or three workers. It is recommended to experienced companies who have strengthened their presence in the sector.

KB 36 Fully Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine

KB 36 is a GlobMac’s model that can be used in all kinds of projects. As an advanced engineering product, KB 36 has a capacity of 130 pallets per hour. When the molds used in the machine are changed, they can be used as curbstone, rain gutter, grass stone and automatic paving block making machine. Since it has more than two pumps, it can reach maximum flow in the cylinder. Thanks to the internal temperature control mechanism, the temperature can be kept under control.

PLC (Programmable Logical Controller), which is designed to maintain the automation in a proper way, makes many situations observable such as possible malfunctions in the machine and the number of products produced. This monitoring system is resistant to electricity, heat variations and strokes. It provides real-time information and minimizes error rates.

Technical Specifications of KB 36

Machine Working System Fully Automatic KB-36 With PLC Control
Pallet Production Capacity of Machine 120-130 Pallets Per Hour
Hopper Capacity 2000 m3
Weight of Machine 22 tons
Pump Power 120 LT 80 cc-55 KW Motor
Dimensions of Machine 3×7.7×3.4
Total Energy Consumption 90 kw
Minimum Height of Product 6 cm
Maximum Height of Product 35 cm
Capacity 4.500 Units /8 hours for Interlocking Paving Stone 1000 m2 / Briquette 1.800 Units per hour
The Amount of Product In A Pallet 36 Units Interlocking Paving Stone, 12 Units 20
Dimensions of Wooden Pallet 140x120x6 Shelving Without Foots 140x130x6 (With 23 cm Foot) Stacking Robot System
Mixer Capacity 1.000 dm3 -22 kw x 2

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