Concrete Block Making Machine For Sale

Concrete Block Making Machine For Sale
Concrete Block Making Machine For Sale

Concrete block making machine for sale is used to produce interior and exterior wall units, different types of concrete blocks, bricks , briquettes or pumices . These products can be obtained using different blends. Many materials such as cement , sand, granite, slag make the blocks suitable for different areas of use.

Concrete block making machine for sale can also be preferred for the production of hollow blocks. It is possible to obtain concrete block products in different sizes and properties by changing the molds used to shape the blocks. From this point of view, it is understood that concrete block machines are an important investment tool.

Concrete Block Making Machine Prices For Sale

The price-performance ratio of the block machine is an effective reference point for customers in decision making. A significant part of the machines in the market are the products of companies that try to adapt existing technologies rather than put forward technology or design. These machines can be sold at affordable prices. However, in their use, within a few years, the breakdown and maintenance costs may exceed the purchase costs. For this reason, the user may lose both financially and in terms of production performance.

block machine, curbstone machine or concrete brick machine is purchased, it is recommended to consider factors such as performance and service life first. A block machine with high part quality will provide a long-term use. Thus, the expenditure will be balanced in a relatively short period of time.

You can contact us via our contact information on our website to review our catalog for concrete block production machines and to obtain up-to-date price information.

Concrete Block Making Machine For Sale

Globmac Concrete Block Making Machine For Sale

Globmac is one of the leading manufacturers of premium quality concrete block making machine products for sale available on the market. Thanks to Globmac machines, which are equipped with the latest technological equipment , all concrete block products can be produced easily.

The technical equipment of our machines offers facilities that will enable businesses to reduce labor costs. Technical details such as which type of block will be produced and what its dimensions will be can be determined precisely by electronic measurement systems.

Our machines, which are our own production and assembled using world-class materials, are semi-automatic and fully automatic; It also diversifies according to its production capacities. Concrete block machine prices also vary according to the features of these models.

a manufacturer of concrete blocks and block machines, Globmac has a product range that can meet all sectoral needs. The blocks produced with machines supported by auxiliary equipment both become higher quality and shorten production times.

Keystone Making Machine

Hollow Block Machine and More

Hollow filler is a lightweight but durable building material. Transport costs are also very low. A building constructed from this lightweight concrete material becomes lighter, reducing concrete and iron costs. Thermal insulation between floors is also provided. Production diversity can be achieved by using the material in different densities.

Globmac’s product models, you can obtain a rich variety of concrete blocks from hollow blocks to cobblestones, from briquettes to pumice stone. For example, our Pars series machines are focused on the production of briquettes and pumice . Pars product family consists of Pars 12 and Pars 18 models. In a concrete block production facility, in addition to the machines that perform the production,

  • wooden pallets
  • paint silo
  • weighing belt
  • mortar tape
  • sand bunker
  • Electric picking robot

We can find equipment that can be listed as.

Paving Stone Machine For Sale

Paving stone machines, especially locked paving stone by changing molds; It can also produce many materials such as briquettes, pumice , curbstone, rain gutter, grass stone. Our company’s production is included in the KB series of paving stone machines. The KB product family can be listed as follows:

  • KB 12
  • KB 25
  • KB 36
  • KB 42
  • KB MBL

You can also find our complementary and auxiliary equipment products, which we have included in the KB series, below.

  • KB FNC Finger Car Racking System
  • KB FRK Finished Picking Forklift
  • KB WSH Stone Washing Machine
  • KB STR Stretch Wrapping Machine

These machines can be operated fully automatically thanks to the plc system. Hourly production capacities can be optimized according to the user’s needs. These high-performance devices also have heating and cooling systems. Thus, the temperature is constantly kept under control and at the desired values. All movements of the machines are provided by the hydraulic system. The resulting product can be sorted using a stacking robot with the help of a wooden pallet.