Concrete Block Making Machine For Sale

Concrete block making machine for sale is used to manufacture interior and exterior wall units, different types of concrete blocks, bricks and briquettes. These products can be obtained using different mixtures. Many materials such as cement, sand, granite, and slag make the blocks ideal for various usage areas.

Concrete block making machine for sale can also be used to produce hollow blocks. It is possible to obtain concrete block products in different sizes and features by changing the molds which are used to shape the blocks. From this point of view, it is understood that concrete block machines are important investment tools.

GlobMAC Concrete Block Making Machine For Sale

GlobMAC is one of the leading manufacturers of premium quality concrete block making machine for sale on the market. Any type of concrete block products can be easily produced through GlobMAC machines equipped with the latest technological equipment. The technical equipment of our machines facilitates businesses to reduce labor costs. Technical details such as which type and size of block to be produced can be determined precisely by electronic measurement systems.

We manufacture and assemble our machines ourselves using world-class materials. Our machines  are classified based on being either semi-automatic or fully-automatic and production capacities. Concrete block making machine prices also vary according to the features the models have.

Concrete Block

Concrete Block Making Machine Prices

The price-quality ratio of the block machine is an effective reference point for customers to make decisions. Since most of the machines in the market belong to the companies that try to adapt existing technologies without producing new technology, they may be sold at cheap prices. However, these machines will cost you more than the purchase cost in a few years with the addition of maintenance costs.

Hollow block machine, curbstone machine or brick machine… Whichever you buy, you should consider the quality before the price. A high quality block machine will promise long-term use. Therefore, it will balance your cost in a short time.

Hollow Block Machine and More

As a manufacturer of concrete block and block machines, GlobMAC has a product range that can meet all of the sectoral needs. While the block machines supported by auxiliary equipment increase the quality of blocks,  and they also shortens production times.

We also have products for other needs such as logistics and concrete block painting. Some of the products in our catalog are as follows:

  • KB 12, KB 25, KB 36, KB 42 Quick Master and KB MBL Mobile Briquette Machines
  • KB FNC Elevator Finger Car
  • KB FRK Forklift Attachment For Product Picking
  • KB WSH Washing Machine For Finished Products
  • KB STR Packing Machine
  • Wooden pallets
  • Concrete blocks in various sizes and dimensions
  • System cement weight
  • 45 tons, welded cement silo
  • 65 tons, bolted cement silo
  • Belt Conveyors For Mortar
  • Belt Conveyors For Raw Materials
  • Silo of Raw Materials
  • System Weight of Raw Materials
  • Screw Transfer For Cement
  • Mixer
  • Paint silo