Finger Car

Finger Car

Finger Car systems are a type of system that has become increasingly common in recent years and provides advantages in the production costs of many companies. It is known as one of the transfer methods between production units.

Since Finger Car systems have a structure that reduces the workforce in terms of their general features; It provides the opportunity to benefit from as much robotic capability as possible from manufacturing processes. The system, which continues to be used in briquette production facilities, can be used to transport pallets containing all kinds of blocks consisting of aggregate or mortar mixture, or stacking different materials.

What is Finger Car?

In the production network formed by block producing machines, one of the units that needs manpower the most is the transfer transport area. The reasons such as the heavy weight of the produced blocks and the access to a large number of mass production materials prevent the transportation of concrete blocks in a fast and regular shape.

The finger car system resembles a robotized depiction of a human being with both hands stretched out at a 90o angle to the ground. For this reason, it is possible to carry out transportation together with the ability provided by the deep “U” shape formed between the two arms.

The system, which performs more than transporting individual concrete units, receives a large number of concrete blocks molded on pallets between production units and delivers them to the right hopper.

How Much Are Finger Car Prices?

Continuing to work with the aim of becoming a world brand in the production of block production machines, Globmac products include finger car system. Globmac production of the system, which operates as a transfer unit through its arms; KB FNC Elewator appears as Lowarator Finger Car Racking System.

If you want to have this system and use it in your various projects, you can consult us. To access the current price list and technical specifications of the product, you can contact us at Globmac contact addresses.

Finger Car System Features

Since the Finger system carries on pallets; It carries out its operations with its job description in an area between the shelves room and the machine line. During these processes, it provides robotic service with 16 different pallet handling capacity at a time.

The liquid saturation of the products obtained during transportation is transported with different alternative reservoirs within the finger car system. For this stage of the system, technical information can be requested in the market as wet product (elevator) and dry product (levator).

The advantages of the system show itself both in the field of labor and cost, and in the field of speed with the possibility of mass production. Within this system, which offers the opportunity to work with the footless pallet model included in the system; The mechanisms that finger car picks up and leaves the pallets perform the main function.

Advantages of the system;

  • It eliminates the contact between the wooden pallet and the forklift during the stacking and collection process. This feature; It prevents the pallets from being damaged and ensures a longer life.
  • It allows to use both sides of the pallet in printing, thanks to the lifting technique it uses with the pallet.
  • For users who want to choose cost between models; Low cost can be offered with the pallet produced without feet.
  • The distance of the product entrances and exits for pallet transportation is coordinated with the “U” system. It offers all of the elevator-elevator areas for dry product-wet product or in other words, exit and entrance in one machine in a compact way.

Globmac Finger Car System

Continuing to supply concrete and briquette production facilities around the world with the motto of Global Block Machine; continues its services with its wide product range. You can have the finger car system, which is outside of the concrete and briquette production units, with Globmac quality.

If you want to get detailed information about the system, which is among the Globmac products; You can make calls under the name KB FNC Elewator, Lowarator Finger Car Rack System, reach us from Globmac contact addresses, and you can access both up-to-date price information and technical information from our expert staff.

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