Concrete Block Machine

Concrete Block Machine

Concrete block machine is aproduction facility that needs to be used in construction sites and large volume construction processes. By producing concretes in blocks, concrete needs are met without intermediaries and it is possible to establish dominance over the technical characteristics of the product to be obtained.

You can also contact Globmac for your concrete block machine purchases. Globmac, which manufactures different machines in different volumes, also aims to take your work to the next level with its logistics and technical support services.

Block machines are often used for mass manufacturing in both parquet and briquette production. It offers practical solutions for obtaining stones that are molded and become ready-made concrete blocks without the cooking process.

It is known as an eco-friendly technooji due to its raw material and differences in the productionstage. In particular, it contributes greatly to the use of waste materials. Compared to red brick, concrete bricks are preferred because they are stronger and more durable.

Commercially profitable concrete machines; It is in demand by many people who want to enter the construction sector because it allows for rapid return on small-scale investments and profit transition.

Briquette Machine Prices

The processing of concrete block and briquette producing machines with different raw materials creates the diversity that exists between the machines.

  • Sand,
  • Crushed stone,
  • Gravel,
  • Mineral waste,
  • The lyrufu,
  • Construction waste,
  • Stone waste,
  • Waste brick

Machines that can prepare mixtures with substances; these operations are divided into capacities depending on the volume in which they perform. Due to the differences between volumes and the types of mobile-fixed-compactness of machines, the prices differ.

You can also contact Globmac to reach your preferred concrete block machine production facilities at the most up-to-date prices.

Globmac Concrete Block Machine Products

If the machine produces concretes to be classified in a monopoly of weights, it is possible to mention three types of concrete:

  • Light concrete (up to 2,000 kg/m³)
  • Normal weight concrete (from 2,000 to 2600kg/m³)
  • Heavy concrete (greater than 2,600 kg/m³)

These building elements can be used for road construction, building construction, park construction, dam construction, etc.

Concrete Block Machine Prices

Different details can affect machine prices. Technically, the difference in existing capacities between machines and the types of production parts inside the units directly affect the prices.

As Globmac, in addition to our more than 50 years of experience, our customer satisfaction-oriented studies in both national and international arenas continue to determine product prices.

According to the operating principles, it is possible to talk about three types of machines.

  • Fully automatic machines
  • Semi-automatic machines
  • Manual machines

because of the technologies they have in themselves, they are priced at different prices. While saving speed and time, fully automated machines meet the demands when it is desired to be produced without the need for manpower.

Fully Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine

In Globmac, the commercial success of the companies that are usually cooperated is considered and studies are carried out on fully automated production facilities.  You can also get information about semi-automatic and manual production facilities from Globmac, which manufactures through the KB series and PARS series.

The fully automatic concrete block making machine is equipped with technology superior to all other production mechanisms. Fully automated machines, which are supportive of the company in terms of labor cost and time savings, offer the possibility of both aggregate mixing and block production and storage of blocks.

Additional costs may be required for maintenance and repair when any failures or other adverse situations occur during the use of the machine.

As Globmac, we manage spare parts and maintenance/repair processes professionally and ensure that all kinds of services are delivered to our customers within the scope of warranty of our machines within international quality standards.

Quality spare parts, long-lasting metals and optimized machines that are 100% compatible with each other… Careful creation of machine components minimizes the risk of possible failure and maximizes service life.

You can also contact us to have technical information about our machines produced in different segments  and volumes. You can get support from Globmac’s expert staff both to get up-to-date price information and to decide on your production factories to be used in your projects.

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