Difference Between Concrete and Cement

Difference between concrete and cement is mostly unknown and these two terms are used interchangeably. But it is not the case. Cement is just one of the components used in making concrete. Other materials used to make concrete are water, sand or piece stones – namely aggregate.

Difference between concrete and cement is also noticeable when looking at the usage areas of these two substances. While plastering, cement is used for adding waterproofing properties to buildings, joining large sewer pipes and for many other purposes. On the other hand, concrete is a basic material to form a structure from the beginning.

What is Difference Between Concrete and Cement?

Even looking at everyday expressions can be enough to explain how often concrete is confused with cement. For example, when we see a huge mixer truck, we call it a “cement truck”. However, these rotating big drums contain concrete.

In this article, we will clarify the issue of difference between concrete and cement and clear up the confusion. In this way, we will answer the frequently asked questions such as “should I use cement or concrete” or “is cement stronger than concrete”.

Question: Should I Use Cement or Concrete?

Answer: The adhesive property of cement makes it a strong binder in many stages. Therefore, it is the auxiliary element of almost every building work. But only cement has a tendency to crack. After determining the scope of the work, it should be decided which of these two materials to be used.

We might think that cement obtained from materials rich in silica such as calcium, limestone and clay is an indispensable part of concrete. But it is rarely used alone.

Question: Is Concrete More Durable Than Cement?

Answer: Of course! The structures made with concrete blocks or ready-mixed concrete can have hundreds of years of life. But the life of the cement will be much less. Therefore, concrete is used in large and comprehensive projects, schools, hospitals, residences, and projects that should be resistant to natural factors such as bridges and dams. All of them are built using concrete. Concrete is used even in constructions for hobby or modifications. On the other hand, cement is used in small works such as masonry, grouts and generally in the repair of concrete.

The Most Durable Building Material

Concrete is the most durable building material with a high quality achieved in today’s technology. It is preferred in construction projects all over the world due to its many advantages such as durability, maintenance-free and low cost.

Similarly, concrete blocks are preferred because of providing the same advantages. Whether you’re dealing with a large-scale industrial project or doing modifications as hobby in your home garden, your most important building blocks will be concrete and concrete blocks. Cement is your biggest assistant to strengthen the existing structure and make small touches.

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