Creative Ways to Use Concrete Blocks

Creative ways to use concrete blocks will enable you to make decorative arrangements in your home, garden, workplace, in short, anywhere. Concrete blocks have an industrial (raw) look. They can be turned into stylish objects either in their raw form or by coloring their exterior surface. It is a product recently used by interior designers for interior design of houses and workplaces.

Creative ways to use concrete blocks, which you will learn in this article, can also be applied to slag blocks. All you need to know is that concrete block is more durable and heavier and slag block is lighter and weaker. When designing a decorative object, you can choose concrete block to have more durability or slag block for lightness.

Creative Ways to Use Concrete Blocks: 10 Tips

1. Outdoor Chair

Creative ways to use concrete blocks
Creative ways to use concrete blocks

You can enjoy this chair on veranda or porch of your home. We guarantee you will get a great look when you decorate with colorful and stylish cushions. Also it costs very low!

2. Solid Chair

You may need to use a bit more blocks to make this seat. In order to get more concrete blocks, bargain with your supplier. It is definitely worth it.

3. Desk

It is ideal for those who do not like the crowd of furniture and are comfortable in minimalist-style places. This table gets ready for use with several concrete blocks and a piece of wood. You can also use gaps in the blocks to put your belongings.

4. Plant Unit

Your home may not have a garden. But if you still have a small area outside or a large balcony, this design is for you! By filling gaps in concrete blocks with soil, you can create a living space for your small plants.

5. Garden Bar

A useful design, where both you can make space for your plants and put your food and drinks on while spending time in the garden.

6. Concrete Flower Pot

By filling empty part of a concrete block with soil, you turn it into a flower pot. When you apply colors and patterns you want to exterior part of the block, it will look much more elegant than an ordinary flowerpot.

7. Bed Base

Arrange a few blocks at appropriate intervals and put pieces of wood or plywood on them. Here is bed base ready! Moreover, gaps in the blocks may be an ideal storage area for your slippers.

8. Shelf System

It is very difficult to find a shelf you like, very expensive to make, and  can be difficult to do it yourself. Here is an easy solution. Your shelf system is ready with a few concrete blocks and wood pieces to be placed between the blocks.

9. TV Unit

When you want to buy a TV unit, you encounter standard sizes. There may not be enough space in your living room for a unit of this size. The TV unit you will make with a few concrete blocks will have any size you want. You can also put your DVDs and music CDs in gaps of block.

10. Nightstand

The nightstand is the ideal solution to read some books or put your mobile phone on before falling asleep at night. You can make yourself a useful nightstand using 2-3 concrete blocks.

We hope to give you some examples of creative ways to use concrete blocks, and we hope this will inspire and motivate you to make your own designs.

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