Cost Of Briquette Factory

The cost of the briquette factory is an issue researched by many people who want to take part in the production area of ​​the construction sector and industry. The production of briquettes is done by a briquette machine. One of the most important things to be provided for this fabrication-based enterprise is the briquette machine.

What Is The Cost Of Briquette Factory?

If you want to build a briquette factory, you have two important things:

  • Raw materials for briquettes
  • A machine for processing

Suppose that your raw material required is provided. So, how do you process the raw material for manufacturing briquette? Of course via the briquette machine. What about the prices of briquette machine?

Briquette machines have many different price options since its wide range of types. The price of the machine is determined by buyers with making comparisons because of wide. The intended uses and the usage areas of the machine.

The advantage of the briquette machine for multi-purpose use has made it the preferred choice in many sectors. The briquette machine is also available with purchase or rental options.

Usage Areas Of Briquette Factory

Briquetting machines are produced in many different features and types. After deciding what kind of raw material to be processed in the briquette factory to be established, it is necessary to have a machine which can process the raw material. GLOBMAC machines produce briquettes at universal standards with molds in ideal dimensions. So, GLOBMAC offers a wide range of the types to its customers.

How many briquette machines are there? More specific categorization can be made based on the intended use than based on the generalizable type. Some of these categories can be expressed as follows:

  • Briquetting Press
  • Concrete Briquette Machine
  • Hollow Briquette Machine
  • Full Automatic Briquetting Machines
  • Semi Automatic Briquetting Machines

Usage Areas Of Briquette Machine

The briquette machine has a wide range of applications from construction to agriculture and industry.

  • Construction Sector

In the construction industry there is often a need for concrete blocks produced using suitable aggregate briquettes. The blocks are also shaped by standard molds. Concrete blocks made of briquettes whose raw material is cement and sand are light, durable and fireproof. This makes them a useful building material.

Concrete block is a solid structural element, if constructed in accordance with the universal standards. Because, both its compressive strength and robustness against many atmospheric adversities come to the fore considering the raw material and the process in the production process.

  • Agriculture

If biomass briquettes is produced, an important step will be taken in order to avoid wasting in agriculture every year. The agricultural wastes includes organic wastes such as some processing waste, energy crop, and human or animal waste. Biomass is the only renewable energy source whose energy can be conserved.

  • Industry

Waste recycling is one of the most important issues in the industry. Industrial wastes can create more value than the original raw material, therefore contain more profit. Most of the wastes used for briquettes are sawdust powders and metal powders. It is possible to achieve high efficiency in production by using these wastes. Moreover, the cost of raw materials will be reduced in this way.

Cost Of Briquette Factory

We have mentioned many factors to consider before setting up a briquette plant. The cost of supplying the machine is only one time charge. Preference of  machine should be made in compliance with the determined production objectives. The raw material of briquette will significantly affect your product quality as well.

Therefore, when you start briquette production by establishing a briquette plant, it is possible to determine your cost according to the following factors:

  • Labor
  • Raw material expense
  • Obtaining land
  • Transport cost
  • Electricity
  • Machine (one time)
  • Machine maintenance and spare parts