Briquette Machine

Briquette Machine

Briquette Machine ; It is a production center where briquettes, which are indispensable parts of building materials, are produced . Alternatives with different principles and features are offered for briquette machine preferences, which have the capacity to produce in factory class. Second-hand briquette machine seems to be a more economical option, new products are more advantageous in the long run since the service life will be shorter and various maintenance and repair guarantees cannot be given.

Briquette Machine aims to combine cement, water and aggregate as a general working principle. It keeps this mortar, which needs to be formed, in the chamber within the machine and ensures the production of briquettes by mixing at different stages.

How is Briquette Production Made?

First of all, why is briquette made? We can answer your question. Briquette is one of the well-known basic building materials, just like brick. It is the mortar obtained by mixing sand, cement and water, or the aggregate containing this mortar, which is compressed and made into blocks. It is used as a construction material in building and concrete wall construction.

Briquette is also called concrete briquette because it is a concrete block . After the mortar is poured into the mold, the briquette takes the form of a mold. It is possible to divide the production method of briquettes into two: manual briquette making and utilizing briquette machines. Pumice machine emerges as an important concept at this point.

pumice machine? Pumice is also known as pumice and is used in the production of pumice stone. So what is pumice block ? This machine is made of pumice concrete block, which is a type of concrete block frequently used in the construction industry in recent years. manufactures the blockchain . It is also known as pumice machine, briquette machine or concrete paving stone machine. Likewise, different briquettes are also included in various sources as pumice bricks or pumice briquettes .

What is Briquette Machine?

Briquette machines are not an intermediate aid positioned for support in the production area; It is an important unit that acts directly as a factory and production unit. machine; also related to the stone crushing phase of briquette production; It processes water and cement in the right ratio, with the right motion, together with the aggregate consisting of a mixture of sand and gravel.

After the said process, the compressed materials are taken into special molds that are calibrated according to their intended use. Forming process starts at this stage and production is concluded in different standard categories according to the hardness, strength and size differences according to the preferences of the users.

Briquette Machine
Briquette Machine

In the production phase of briquettes in the category of artificial stone blocks; The briquette machine uses vibration and pressing processes in the production process while making mixing and mortar processes. Briquette making stage also differs according to the preferred briquette machine.

So what is an automatic briquette machine? In the system offered to the users as an automatic briquette making machine; All of the mentioned manufacturing processes are done on a single production platform. It is possible to have alternative production centers according to the increase in options that require manual intervention in the machine and the mobility of the production platform.

What are the Briquette Machine Types?

Briquette production shows parallelism in terms of general working methods. Different systems are produced as far as the rate at which human power is put into use in the manufacturing mechanism of the machine . Concrete blocks can be produced in desired sizes and shapes by using different molds . briquette machine; They are the machines preferred in the production of curbstone, interlocking briquettes and hollow block stones. The production of concrete blocks, which we encounter in every moment of our lives, is made by machines with different features. These machines; It is named as manual briquette machine , semi-automatic briquette machine, fully automatic briquette machine and single briquette pressing machine .

Single briquette machine is mainly used in the production of products such as briquettes, borders and lock parquet . It has this name because a single color is preferred in its production and it has only one bucket.

Manual Briquette Machine

The targets set for production volume in the selection of briquette machines directly determine the machine to be selected. In the manual briquette machine system; In the production process of blocks, manpower is used more than alternatives.

In the briquette production process, the type of machine that is preferred especially for small-scale enterprises, manually and manually, and a push mechanism with human power is used. It is possible to buy products in the dimensions of 20x40x20 from the machine system, which provides an average of 1000 production opportunities per day.

“Manual Briquette Machine Features”

  • It works by using machine and human power together.
  • It is suitable for use by small-sized companies.
  • Concrete blocks can be produced in the desired size and shape by using different molds.
  • It can work with 220 volts or three-phase 380 kW power.
  • Manufactured using wear resistant steels.
  • It can produce an average of 1000 briquettes per day.

Semi-Automatic Briquette Machine

The semi- automatic briquette factory, which is included in the briquette machines, also completes the process of combining cement, water and aggregate. In this process, support is received from the automatic mechanism and also manpower is used.

Especially after the process of producing and molding the briquettes , more manpower is needed in the transfer and stacking process on the pallet . In this type of machines, operations are carried out by an operator. The user sends commands from the control panel to the machine and thus the hydraulic system starts to work.

“Semi-Automatic Briquette Machine Features”

  • Machine and human power work together, albeit to a lesser extent.
  • It is suitable for use by medium-sized companies.
  • Production stages are realized by the operator.
  • Production processes are carried out by the control panel.
  • It is produced using wear resistant steels.

Automatic Briquette Machine

One of the mechanisms frequently preferred by medium and large scale enterprises for briquette production; It is a fully automatic briquette machine. In recent years, in which speed and mass production play a very important role in the industry, the demand for automatic systems continues to increase.

Controllable automation systems are also used in briquette production. automatic machine; Thanks to the robotic components coded with software, the mortar making process does not need human power in the preparation, molding and stacking processes.

a briquette machine type with another briquette machine type , first of all, it is necessary to know its features and for what purpose it is produced.

“Automatic Briquette Machine Features”

  • All production stages take place automatically .
  • No manpower is required during production.
  • It can be used easily by large-scale companies.
  • It can easily produce in high production capacities.
  • It is produced using wear resistant steels.

GlobMac Briquette Machine Services

Established under ASBLOK Makina, GlobMac provides services in the production and supply process of briquette production mechanisms ; provides briquette production machine systems that operate with different mechanisms within its structure.

cobblestone , curbstone, briquette, tile in various shapes and sizes are our own production . The working parts of these machines consist of aggregate bunkers and weighing units, concrete mixers and conveyor belts. GlobMac has machines that produce briquette parquet in two different series . These are offered to you as KB series and Pars series.

Thanks to its experienced and expert staff, the company has been able to continue its production in the desired volume with the same quality understanding for years.

“Technical Specifications of KB Series Machines”



Machine Working System Machine Production Capacity Pump Power Mixer Capacity Machine Weight Total Power Usage
KB12 Concrete Parquet Production Machine Manual and Fully Automatic PLC Control 110-120 Pallets Per Hour 76.5 Lt 51 cc 42 Lt 28 cc 30 KW 125 dm3 250 dm3 15 kW  

8.5 tons


50 kW

KB25 Concrete Parquet Production Machine Semi-Automatic and Fully-Automatic PLC Control 160-170 Pallets Per Hour
KB36 Concrete Parquet Production Machine Fully Automatic PLC Control 160-170 Pallets Per Hour 120 LT 80 cc-55 KW 1.000 dm3 22 kW x 2 25 tons 105 kW
KB42 Concrete Parquet Production Machine Fully Automatic PLC Control 160-170 Pallets Per Hour 140 LT 93 cc -60 KW 28 tons 128 kW


“Technical Specifications of Pars Series Machines”



Machine Working System Machine Production Capacity Pump Power Mixer Capacity Machine Weight Total Power Usage
PARS12 Briquette Machine Fully Automatic PLC Control 180-190 pallets/hour 52 kW 1 m3 17 Tons 76 kW
Pars18 Briquette Machine Fully Automatic PLC Control 180-190 pallets/hour 66 kW 2.5 m3 20 Tons 120 kW


Briquette Machine Prices

So how much are the bims prices? Users and interested parties, how much does the briquette machine cost? They seem to be curious about the answer to their question. In this way , it is understood that they are researching the subject of pumice machine prices .

The production process of the briquette machine requires a great deal of effort and experience. The market equivalents of devices with different production volumes also differ. When it comes to exporting to a different country , GLOBMAC comes to mind. The company has succeeded in exporting its products to more than 50 countries. It is the leading company of our country among briquette machines and concrete plants .

entirely by GlobMac engineers, have been produced as a result of meticulous studies so that companies that manufacture briquettes or concrete parquet can continue their production in the most efficient way. It provides the necessary support to the companies not only during the sale, but also before and after the sale. By reaching GLOBMAC , which provides consultancy and supply services to you with a quality service approach ; You can also get information about the current prices of the briquette machine you request.