Concrete Block Manufacturers

Among concrete block manufacturers and concrete block machine manufacturers, GlobMAC maintains its activities with its prestige without sacrificing the quality. The company sells concrete blocks and block making machines to various projects all over the world.  It can produce in standard sizes or custom sizes upon request.

Deciding which firm to work with amongst concrete block manufacturers can be challenging in some cases. With expert sales teams and relevant customer representatives, GlobMAC helps companies find and purchase the most accurate concrete block products.

GlobMAC: One of the Best Concrete Block Manufacturers

One of the most important reasons for GlobMAC to be listed among the best concrete block producers in the world is its dominance in the sector with a wide product range including producing concrete block machines. Although the manufacturing process of concrete blocks has remained almost the same for almost a hundred years, it has become possible to bring new features to the blocks with many technological innovations.

GlobMAC, a company producing both technology and products, strengthens its position in the market by improving its technology, production capacity and quality control processes day by day. Firms that want to move their business forward buy concrete blocks from GlobMAC, so outperform their competitors.

Concrete Block Making Machine

Benefits of Buying Concrete Block

Concrete blocks used as a cmu block must go through advanced quality checks to establish solid structures and to meet people’s need for shelter and others in these structures. While the blocks are being manufactured, the prepared mixtures, aggregates and many more should be carefully checked. GlobMAC’s electronic monitoring systems and master operators guarantee the production of the highest quality concrete blocks on the market.

  • While preparing the mixture, the amount of items such as cement and aggregates are controlled through highly sensitive electronic weighing devices.
  • It is provided that concrete blocks have the desired appearance and smoothness.
  • The moisture content in the aggregates is measured through special sensors.
  • The laser control system is used to ensure that the concrete blocks are in the specified sizes.
  • Concrete blocks, of which manufacturing is completed, are subjected to strength tests. It is also put into sound and heat insulation tests and fire resistance tests.

 GlobMAC CMU Blocks

GlobMAC’s CMU blocks or all other concrete block products are sustainable and economical. It meets all the standards required by modern architecture and engineering and provides versatile usage advantage.

GlobMAC concrete blocks can be used in residential, commercial buildings, industrial projects, and decoration.

In order to get more detailed information and to order concrete blocks compatible with your project, contact our customer representative.

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