Briquetting Machine For Sale

Briquetting Machine For Sale

It is not possible to give an exact price because the briquetting machine for sale is produced completely in line with the wishes of the companies. There are variations in the prices of these machines, which are produced according to different production volumes. You can contact us to have information about the prices and features of GLOBMAC briquette machines.

Briquetting machine for sale, price change can be seen according to its features. The factors affecting the prices are generally the brand, production capacity, model and technical features of the machine. These machines, which have a wide range of usage areas, are the machines frequently preferred by the manufacturers. It also has different options such as second hand or rental.

Briquette Machine Types

Briquette machines are machines used in the production of various concrete blocks. Concrete blocks can be produced in the desired size and shape by using different molds. They are the machines preferred in the production of curbstone, interlocking briquettes and hollow block stones. Concrete blocks are constantly appearing today. Generally, their production is higher in countries with high economy. Briquette machines are offered to us in three types.

“Manual Briquette Machine”

Manpower is required for use. It is suitable for use in small businesses and small towns. Its capacity is to produce 800-1,000 briquettes by working 8 hours a day on average. The usage areas of the machines are generally preferred in places where the cost of manpower is cheap. It can be preferred for newly established businesses and businesses that are not intensive in production.

“Semi-Automatic Briquette Machine”

Semi-automatic briquette machines are suitable for use in production facilities due to their structure. As a minimum, it is a facility that is formed by the combination of mixer, conveyor belt and machine trio. Optionally, bunker and cement silo can be added to the facility as needed. It is controlled by hydraulic arms and pistons. The resulting products are sent to dry using custom-made wheelbarrows. It requires little manpower.

“Automatic Briquette Machine”

Automatic briquette machines have the feature of working 24 hours a day and have the feature of continuous mass production. Thanks to its powerful engines, it can produce very fast and high quality briquettes. These machines work for an average of 8 hours and produce 10000 – 12000 pieces of briquette stones. It is generally used by companies with high production levels. It is fully automatic and does not require human assistance. Automatic briquette machines have a computer-aided automation system. Thus, briquette production is carried out more easily and effortlessly.

Used Briquetting Machine For Sale

There are second hand briquette machine options offered to you by GLOBMAC. Our clean and trouble-free second-hand machines are more affordable than our new machines. If you want a second hand block machine, there are some points you should pay attention to. The most important of these is the use and condition of the machine. Generally, construction equipment is used in construction sites and facilities. That’s why you need to check the parts of the machine well. Most companies prefer new machines because these machines are frequently maintained in the future. Since there is a high probability of being in supply in second-hand machines, companies want their production to be free of problems. As the Globmac family, we make it easy for you to have our machines with the best price and design. Please contact us to learn the prices and product features of our products.

Globmac Briquetting Machine 

Thanks to the briquette machines, production can be made using many different materials. You can shape the briquettes you will produce using different molds. You can use molds belonging to your company and produce briquettes of desired sizes and dimensions with the help of these machines. Briquette machines produce by using hard materials such as sand, aggregate and cement. For this reason, its structure must be durable. These machines go through processes that require high technology and engineering during production. That’s why there are qualifications you need to pay attention to when buying a briquette machine. These qualities are;

  • You need to know how long the manufacturing companies have been producing in this sector.
  • Examine the models and features of the machines it produces
  • Examine the works cited by the company as a reference
  • To know whether it gives you spare parts and technical service support after the sale of the product.

These are some of the features that you should pay attention to when buying a product. We, as GLOBMAC, have been manufacturing machines that produce products such as briquettes, paving stones, curbstones in different shapes and sizes for many years. As a trusted company in the industry, we are always with our business partners at the point of need for briquette machine. We are working for you to realize the best production and uninterrupted production with our spare parts and technical support. You can contact us for detailed information about concrete parquet machine options and concrete parquet machine prices.

Briquette Machine For Sale