Briquette Machine For Sale

Briquette Machine For Sale

Briquette machine for sale; The machines that produce briquettes with vibration and press after mixing with sand, cement and water with a mixer and pouring into certain molds are called briquette machines. Different models and alternative ideas can be offered for briquette machines that have the capacity to produce in factory class.

Briquette machine for sale; The price is determined according to the daily production amount, automation system and optional side parts. It is produced according to certain sizes and dimensions of the companies. Apart from this, you can also have these machines as second hand.

What is Briquette Machine?

briquette machine; It is a machine used in the production of various concrete blocks. It is used in the use of concrete blocks optionally by using different molds. For example, you can obtain products such as curbstones, interlocking briquettes and hollow blocks.

Today, concrete blocks are seen almost everywhere. These blocks, which are economical and of high quality, are produced in most countries. Different molds and raw materials can be used to achieve different sizes and shapes.

The briquette machine comes in three different forms. The first of these is the manual briquette machine. Manual briquette machine is a machine that performs its work based on human power. This machine is generally preferred in countries where manpower is cheap. It can be the first choice of those who want to start a new business.

Semi-automatic briquette machine, on the other hand, is a machine that produces by using a little less human power. Due to their general structure, they have to work under a facility. In these facilities where there are fixed machines, there should be mixers, belts, product transport trolleys and molds. In walking machines, on the other hand, production can only be made as machines and molds.

Automatic briquette machines are used in facilities with large production capacities. It carries out production without the need for human power in any way. It is the briquette machine preferred by large-scale companies.

Briquette Machine Features

These machines, which have large volumes, are used in block facilities, long-term projects and large production sites. Models vary according to the areas used or the preferences of the customers. The factor that is considered in the product features is that it produces with human power or it is produced in an automatic way. Let us explain the features of three different briquette machines to you in a material way.

“Manual Briquette Machine”

  • Works by using machine and human power together
  • Used by small-scale companies
  • Briquettes can be produced in many sizes and shapes by using different molds.
  • Can be operated with 220 volt or three-phase 380 kW power
  • Manufactured using wear resistant steels

“Semi-Automatic Briquette Machine”

  • These machines are generally used in medium-sized facilities.
  • They are high-capacity machines
  • Production stages are carried out by the operator.
  • Production processes are carried out by control panels.

“Automatic Briquette Machine”

  • All production steps take place automatically
  • No need for manpower
  • High capacities can be produced
  • Preferred by large-scale companies

Briquette Machine Prices

It is not possible to say the exact number since these machines are produced in line with the demands of the companies. The prices of these machines, which are produced according to different volumes, are also different. Briquette machines, which have a wide area of ​​use, are a machine preferred by manufacturers. Therefore, it has become inevitable to be preferred in many sectors. At the same time, it has brought different options such as second hand or rental.

Briquette machines produced by our company are produced according to different volume capacities and sizes. These machines, designed and produced entirely by Globmac engineers, have been carried out by meticulous studies so that companies that manufacture briquettes or concrete parquet can continue their production in the most efficient way. It provides the necessary support to the companies not only during the sale, but also before and after the sale. You can contact us to have information about Globmac briquette machines prices and features.

Second Hand Briquette Machine

If you want to own the briquette machine as a second hand, there are some elements that you should pay attention to. The first of these is the use case of the machine. If the machine is badly used and worn out, do not choose that machine. Due to the production with these machines, users generally prefer new machines. Production may stop frequently due to malfunctions due to usage patterns. As the Globmac family, we make it easy for you to have our machines with the best price and design. Please contact us to learn the prices and product features of our products.

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