Briquette Press Machine

Briquette Press Machine

Briquette press machine is one of the first technologies used by companies that need concrete blocks in areas where they need mass production. These machines, which are preferred both for the determination of the production quality and the transparent process in the cost area, are divided into different categories according to their features.

Briquette press machine plays a leading role both in making the mortar to be made into concrete blocks ready for use and in the production of that mortar in certain molds, with the system automated within itself.

What is Briquette Pressing Machine?

In these machines, which are necessary for the production of briquettes, which is one of the basic materials of the construction sector and the building sector; Today, briquette machines, which offer the opportunity to obtain more products by working with advanced automation systems and high performance, are produced using the latest technological possibilities. Also known as briquette production facility, this system is advanced and compact machines that perform different functions together. It is of great importance to cooperate with a reliable manufacturer/supplier in the commercial process where the company from which the Briquette Machine will be purchased is also important.

Briquette; It is a building material produced by mixing sand, cement and water in certain proportions to obtain a kind of liquid concrete, and then compressing and shaping this concrete using molds of different structures. Today, briquette is one of the most needed products in the construction and building sector, and this need is constantly increasing.

The machines required to obtain the briquette are also defined as briquette machine or briquette production machine. Briquette machines are powerful machines that can operate for many years. Briquette machines that can be produced in different models can have different features. Therefore, it is critical to choose the product suitable for the need while procuring the briquette machine. Briquette is one of the industrial products with a large market today. In this period when urbanization and construction are growing, the demand for briquettes is constantly increasing. Therefore, briquette machines can be considered as a good investment tool.

Types of Briquette Pressing Machine

Briquette machines are taken as an investment and business machine by the companies that supply the companies in need by producing briquettes. Companies that produce and sell briquettes are companies with a high business volume and a high profitability ratio. In addition, the companies that make continuous construction projects can produce as many briquettes as they need by purchasing their own briquette machines. Briquette machines, which reduce the production cost of these companies in the long run, can be used for many years without any problems.

Thanks to the internally optimized mechanical system, it allows both to keep the mortar mixture in the chamber and to keep the aggregate and mortar in the molds and direct them. In this way, machines with different processing volumes are produced within GLOBMAC for the briquette machine that produces with a compact working discipline.

Briquette Press Machine

“PARS 12 Concrete Parquet and Briquette Machine”

  • Machine Working System: Automatic
  • Machine Production Capacity: 180-190 pallets/hour
  • Machine Weight: 17 Tons
  • Pump Power: 52 KW
  • Hydraulic Oil Capacity : 1000 Lt
  • Machine Dimensions: 2.9 X 3.5 X 5.5 Mt
  • Printing Capacity: 2000-2500 briquettes/hour
  • Number of Items in a Pallet: 12 pcs 20 briquettes

“PARS 18 Concrete Parquet and Briquette Machine

  • Machine Working System: Automatic
  • Machine Production Capacity: 180-190 pallets/hour
  • Machine Weight: 20 Tons
  • Pump Power: 66 KW
  • Hydraulic Oil Capacity: 1200 lt
  • Machine Dimensions: 2.9 x 3.5 x 6.5 m
  • Printing Capacity: 2850-3250 briquettes/hour
  • Number of Products in a Pallet: 18 pcs 20 briquettes

Briquette Press Machine Prices

GLOBMAC; It continues to deliver production facilities from Turkey to many parts of the world. You can request detailed information about the products of Globmac, which continues to offer quality services at the most advantageous prices with its works in the field of concrete block, parquet and briquette production facilities.

In order to access up-to-date price information about briquette press machine prices, you can write to us from our online addresses or you can learn detailed information from GLOBMAC officials by phone. At the same time, before the creation of your orders, you can request professional support from Globmac experts in order to determine the product with the most suitable capacity for your work, not the most expensive product.

With the details you will have about the block pressing machines produced within the PARS series, you can decide which preferences you should make for both parquet and briquette production. To access more detailed information about the products, you can visit our products category on our website.