Briquette Machine Production

Briquette Machine Production

Briquette machine production is a very important issue for entrepreneurs operating in the construction sector and companies currently working in this sector.

Briquette machine manufacturing It can be made with different production techniques in terms of working principles and features of the machine. For example, there are serious differences between the functions and mechanism of the paving block machine and that of the tile machine.

How is Briquette Machine Manufacturing Made?

As one of the leading companies in the sector with its reliability and advanced technology systems in the sector, Globmac has been internationally appreciated and gained the trust of its customers with its research and development studies, product quality and after-sales services.

Our company, which draws its working understanding in a human-oriented, scientific and progressive framework, is among the world’s leading companies in the production of briquette machines with its expert staff. Manufacturing is a complex process that takes place with the planning of expert companies and requires experience.

Able to reach 100 to 130 pallet printing capacity per hour; The movements of the machines, which can produce both keystone, curbstone and other stones by changing the mold, are provided by the hydraulic system.

PLC ( Programmable ) in automatic concrete paving and briquette machines Thanks to the Logic Controller – Programmable Controller) system, it is possible to follow every stage of the automation process and to be informed immediately of possible malfunctions. Thanks to PLC systems, physical events and changes in the process can be followed. If you want to carry out the automation process easily and reliably with minimum breakdown, you can choose a briquette machine with PLC system.

Briquette Machine Manufacturers

Globmac has a special place in the production of briquettes around the world . For example , the KBM MBL mobile briquette machine made by Globmac is the world’s first portable briquette machine. This has been achieved thanks to our highly skilled engineering staff and qualified personnel.

All of the products coming out of the machine can be properly sorted by the stacking robot and using a wooden pallet with feet. Product sorting can be done without a stacking robot. For this, products are taken by using a wooden driver and output stand.

You can examine some of the advantages of briquette machines from the list below.

  • Negative effects on the environment are minimal.
  • It complies with safety standards.
  • It increases the productivity of customers with its economic working logic.
  • It ensures sustainable project continuity.

Pioneering companies such as Globmac stand out among briquette machine manufacturers with their production capacity. We can collect Globmac production briquette machines in three main categories:

  • Manual briquette machine
  • Semi-Automatic Briquette Machine
  • Fully automatic briquette machine
Briquette Machine Production

Briquette Machine Prices

Briquette manufacturing machines also produce concrete parquet and brick in addition to the briquette. There are also different types of production materials such as pumice brick and pumice briquette . It would be a logical move to invest in the future by purchasing a production machine for a long-term business life in the construction sector.

Globmac performs regular maintenance at the most economical cost. It complies with the predetermined repair time to meet the customer’s requests. It performs planning and coordination in accordance with international standards (ISO). It determines how often and how calibration settings are made and applies it.

Briquette prices or pumice prices are wondered by many people who are intertwined with the sector. If you have long-term goals in the sector, it is more costly to buy these products instead of producing them.

Briquette machine prices are one of the frequently researched subjects in second hand. Although second-hand machine prices may be more affordable, zero-production products are more profitable in the long run. There may be problems with guaranteed technical service and spare parts support for second-hand products. In addition, the service life is shorter.