Block and Paving Stone Machine

Block and paving stone machine is machines used for the production of building materials such as concrete blocks, curbstone, paving stone, pumice, hollow blocks and briquettes.  These machines handle the production of the desired material by processing ready mixed concrete.

Block and paving stone machine is produced by some major companies. Machines with different models and designs are produced manually, semi automatically or fully automatically.

What Does a Block and Paving Stone Machine Do?

All buildings, roads, social areas and cities that make up the living spaces of people are formed by the use of many different building materials. Each of them has different uses and functions. Today, building elements such as paving blocks and briquettes are the most used building materials in building and construction. Therefore, building materials are needed for both the design of the infrastructure of cities and the creation of superstructures.  Building materials have also been produced by different methods since ancient times.

Today, roads and pavements are at the forefront of the essential structures of cities. Concrete blocks and paving blocks are most needed to design some concrete roads and pavements. Concrete blocks and concrete pavements are structural elements specially designed for covering places such as roads, pavements, social areas, parks and gardens. These structural elements are also obtained by using concrete paving stone production machines.  These large and powerful production facilities, which can be produced using high technology, can produce concrete paving stones or blocks in different sizes and shapes.

What Does a Block and Paving Stone Machine Do?
How Does Concrete Paving Stone Machine Work?

How Does Concrete Paving Stone Machine Work?

The purpose of the paving stone production machines is to produce paving stone models with high strength and abrasion resistance. Because of this, the obtained product must be manufactured in a good production facility with using good materials. The durability of the product is also directly proportional to the press and vibration process used by the machine. For this, first of all, the mortar that will form the cobblestone should be prepared. Small-sized pieces of stone called aggregate, cement and water are required for concrete mortar. Machines can now automatically perform the preparation of these three components, which are mixed in certain proportions.

After the ready mixed concrete required for the concrete paving stone is produced, the molds of the desired product are attached to the machine. These molds are special sized molds that give shape to the products. Ready mixed concrete poured into these molds then exposed to vibration and pressing processes. The pressing process is applied to increase the durability of the concrete by tightening it. Vibration, on the other hand, is done in order to remove the air bubbles in the flowing concrete. By this way, the paving stone will be much tighter and more resistant. After these processes applied in the molds, the paving stone attains its final form. Then the obtained products are transported to another area via pallets to be dried.

Can Briquettes be Produced with a Paving Stone Machine?

Some of the most frequently asked questions of companies that want to buy a briquette pressing machine are how to produce briquettes? And is it possible to produce briquettes with the paving stone machine? The answer to these questions is; yes, briquettes can also be produced with the paving stone machine. Although both products have different structures, they have the same production technology. In this respect, we can say that concrete paving machines are very functional and multi-purpose. Different products can be produced for different sectors by purchasing a single machine. Concrete paving stone and briquette machines, which offer significant advantages to the investor company, can also obtain the following products;

  • Locked paving stone
  • Concrete block
  • Hollow block
  • Pumice
  • Rain gutter
  • Slope stone
Can Briquettes be Produced with a Paving Stone Machine?

Concrete Block and Briquette Machine Types

Briquette machines are a technology that has been used for the production of briquettes and paving stones for many years. This technology has developed over the years and has taken its current form. In the old model briquette production facilities, most of the work was done with manpower. However, the new model machines produced today can perform almost all of the briquette production processes automatically. Concrete block and briquette machine types are basically divided into three.

  • Manual Concrete Block and Briquette Machine

In manual briquette production machines, the production process runs together with manpower and machine power. While some points of the production process are done by machine, some processes are done by human power. The production capacity of manual machines that work manually is lower than the others.

    • Semi-Automatic Block and Briquette Machine


    In semi-automatic production facilities, the manufacturing processes are done by the machine. Only manpower is required to ensure controls. In semi-automatic machines, the operator sends commands to the machine via the control panel. All other operations are done automatically by the machine.

    • Fully Automatic Block and Briquette Machine


    The operations required for the production of briquettes or concrete blocks all are carried out by fully automatic machine. Since all production processes are carried out automatically in these machines working with PLC control system, high capacity production is made.

Concrete Block and Briquette Machine Types

Concrete Block and Paving Stone Machine Prices

Paving stone and briquette machines are produced in different structures and models. We, as Globmac, are one of the leading brands in the industry, established under ASBLOK Machine.  Globmac production machines, which supply machinery to both Turkey and the world, are durable machines capable of operating at high capacity for many years.

Paving stone and briquette production machine prices vary according to the features, model and brand of the machine. You can contact us for information about Globmac brand production facility prices, which is one of the leading brands in the sector.