Block and Paving Stone Machine

Block and Paving Stone Machine

The block and paving stone machine is used for the production of building materials such as concrete blocks, curbs, interlocking parquet, pumice , briquettes and hollow blocks. These machines enable the production of the material desired to be obtained by processing ready-mixed concrete.

Block and paving stone machine models for sale include KB series machines. Manufactured by GLOBMAC, these models are durable machines operating at extremely high production capacities. Each device can operate as a production facility on its own. Thanks to mass production, you can both meet your own needs and earn a profit by selling. Moreover, there is no need for human labor with devices that can be operated fully automatically.

Block and Paving Stone Machine Prices

All buildings, roads, social areas and cities that make up people’s living spaces; It was created by using many different building materials together. Each material has a different usage area and task. Today, building elements such as block parquet and briquette are at the beginning of the most used building materials in buildings and constructions.

Building materials are needed in order to design the infrastructure of the cities and to create the superstructures. Today, roads and pavements are at the forefront of the indispensable structures of cities. Concrete blocks and parquet are mostly needed to design some concrete roads and pavements.

key paving stones and briquette machines are affected by certain criteria. These can be listed as follows.

  • Model of the machine
  • Technical characteristics and principle of operation of the device
  • shipping costs

You can contact us to get information about the prices of 2nd hand locked paving stone machine or manual paving stone machine .

Block and Paving Stone Machine

How Does Concrete Paving Machine Work?

The main purpose of the parquet production machines is to produce parquets with high strength and abrasion resistance. The durability of the product is directly proportional to the press and vibration process used by the machine. For this, first of all, the mortar that will form the cobblestone should be prepared.

Block and Paving Stone Machine

Small-sized pieces of stone called aggregate, cement and water are required for concrete mortar. Machines can automatically prepare these three components, which are mixed in certain proportions. After the ready-mixed concrete required for the concrete parquet is produced, the molds of the desired product are attached to the machine. These custom sized molds give shape to the products.

Ready-mixed concrete poured into molds is exposed to vibration and pressing processes. The press is applied to increase the durability of the concrete by tightening it. Vibration, on the other hand, is done to remove the air bubbles in the fluidized concrete. Thus, the parquet becomes much tighter and more resistant. After these processes applied in the molds, the concrete parquet attains its final form. The products obtained are transported to another area to be dried.

Developed using high technology, high-volume production facilities can produce concrete pavements or blocks in different sizes and shapes. You can contact us to meet your block and paving stone machine model needs for sale.

Concrete Block and Briquette Machine Types

There are two basic product families designed by GLOBMAC engineers focusing on customer needs. These have the names KB and Pars. KB series devices focus on interlocking paving stone production. Pars series machines, on the other hand , focus on the production of concrete pumice blocks and briquettes.

GLOBMAC, which supplies machinery to Turkey and the world, is at the forefront with its durable machines that can operate at high capacity. Machines producing concrete blocks and briquettes can be examined in three parts according to their working principles.

  • Manual block and briquette machine: Production is carried out by combining human power and machine power. Its production capacity is relatively low as it works manually.
  • Semi-automatic block and briquette machine: Only manpower is required for machine controls. The operator sends commands to the machine via the control panel. All remaining operations are carried out by the machine.
  • Fully automatic block and briquette machine: All necessary operations are carried out by the machine. Working with PLC system, these machines have the highest production capacity.
Block and Paving Stone Machine

Keystone Machine Prices

concrete blocks and key paving stones have a very high level of equipment. All processes from design to production take place as a result of a detailed engineering study. One of the most researched topics by users who want to buy a paving stone machine is “Can briquettes be produced with a parquet machine?” It is the answer to your question.

It is possible to produce briquettes with the cobblestone machine. Although these two products have different structures, they share the same production technique. Concrete paving machines are multi-purpose and highly functional. Different products can be produced for different sectors by purchasing a single machine. The following products can be obtained with concrete parquet and briquette machines, which offer significant advantages to the investor company:

  • interlocking cobblestone
  • curb stone
  • concrete block
  • hollow block
  • pumice
  • rain gutter
  • slope stone

Paving stone machine prices or second hand cobblestone machine prices can be variable as the machines will be selected according to your project and needs. You can use our contact information on our website for the selection of the most suitable model for your needs and for your order requests.