What is a Curbstone?

What is a Curbstone? Choosing the right form and size for curbstone, which is an integral part of urban design, is an important part of achieving both robust and aesthetic results in landscaping or construction projects. GLOBMAC, which is the longest established and most reliable  manufacturer of machines for building elements in Turkey and in the world, has many options to suit customer demand.

In addition, the curb stone is placed on the roadside as a supportive element. It is a very functional stone for drainage of accumulated rain, melted snow or water transformed from ice at sides of road.

The curb stone meets the aesthetic requirements in landscape architecture. The way of giving an aesthetic appearance to kerbstone is to obtain a high quality machine in terms of hydraulic pressing technology.

What is a curbstone machine?

Curb stone machine, also known as kerbstone machine, is used to produce curbstone blocks of various colors and patterns. Curbstone blocks allow road to be clearly separated from the pavement by defining the boundaries of the pavement on the streets. Kerbstone machine used in the construction of these blocks is often preferred in landscape architecture.

Block Making Machine

What does it do?

Kerb stone is built around any road or car park if a gutter is used. This stone not only draws the boundaries of the lot, but also maintains the solid integrity of the paved structure, and acts as a wall to prevent the expansion or breakdown of the pavement.

For example, asphalt pavement is not able to protect the boundaries of a roadside on its own. It is generally observed that asphalt breaks down from its edges first in case of any deformation. Roadside is the weakest point of asphalt and as the vehicles pass over it, the expansion takes place outwards. This is one of the main causes of structural deterioration of roadside.

Apart from these, most drainage systems constructed with sidewalks are designed according to the gutters and the flow direction of the gutters. Concrete can be laid more precisely than asphalt, and concrete curb stone with a flat surface may have a structure suitable for self-drainage. Asphalt is often paved with designs in which sidewalks and gutters are determined as flow direction. This ensures that the drainage system is terminated in the catchment or at another point of exit.

Features of Curbstone

The main features of curb stones which can be produced in many different colors, sizes, shapes and designs are as follows:

  • It has a high breaking resistance.
  • Excellent surface quality.
  • It can be easily installed after production.

Usage Areas of Kerbstone

  • As the gutter in the installation of the drainage system that is most suitable for the structure of the road
  • As a boundary element to determine the boundaries of the vehicles
  • As a terminator for the complete construction of the road visually