Sandblasting Machine

Sandblasting machine is used for surface cleaning in order to expand the life of metals corroded or oxidized in time.

The sand gives its name to the machine and process because of its granular structure, however it is only a symbol. Sandblasting is carried out with different originated materials that are granular and produced for this process. These are balls originated of silica, grit and basalt. The balls enable to clean surfaces by hitting them to surfaces with high pressure air.

How does sandblasting machine work?

The support of high pressure air is used in the blasting process. It is aimed to clean surfaces of  metals, which are affected by the negativity such as corrosion, oxidation, accumulated oil, and dirt, by expoing them to abrasion at micro level. Due to the compressed air, materials that are named sand and used for this process are quickly hit on metal surfaces. In this way, the surface is removed from impurities.

Types of The Sand blasting Machine

There are different types of sandblasting machines depending on their usage areas. Some of them are portable machines that allow movement, automatic machines or semi-automatic machines compatible with their working principles. Furthermore, depending on the place of the surfaces to be cleaned, portable sandblasting machines are available which enable blasting in open areas. The same machines are used in sand blast room if larger parts are to be cleaned.

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