Keystone Machine

Keystone Machine

Keystone machines are large machines that produce keystone or interlocking paving stone , which is a floor covering material . Keystones are one of the most used materials in road construction, pavement construction, garden and environmental landscaping today.

The keystone machine produces building materials to make pavements in cities. After the mixture, which usually consists of aggregate, water and cement, is processed in these machines, they acquire the form of keystone in different models.

What is Keystone Machine?

Cities are settlements where human populations live intensely from past to present. The difference between cities and rural areas is the abundance of transportation, social areas and opportunities. Especially in cities, pedestrian and vehicle roads should be regular. Different stone models have been used in the construction of roads inside the cities since history. Roads made of stones are solid roads that can be used for a longer time. Today, different stones or parquets are preferred on city roads and pavements. Keystone or interlocking cobblestone are the most widely used industrial stone models.

Keystone is a material produced using natural aggregate. Keystone is produced in production facilities called concrete paving machine. Concrete paving machines are large machines that can produce paving stones in different sizes and shapes. Production facilities where keystone can also be produced can be designed in different models. Semi-automatic parquet machine or fully automatic parquet machine are among these models. In fully automatic locked parquet machines, all production stages take place automatically. In the semi-automatic locked cobblestone machine, some of the production processes are done automatically and some of them manually.

Locking Stone Machine

Interlocking cobblestone is also known as lock age. Interlocking parquet is a floor covering material with a unique form. Several components are used in keystone manufacturing. These components are; small sized pieces of stone (aggregate), cement and water. A mortar is obtained by mixing aggregate, cement and water in certain proportions. This produced mortar is then poured into molds by means of a parquet machine. Molds can be of different shapes and sizes. Concrete mortar gains form through molds. Mold selection is made according to which form the paving stone is desired.

After the prepared concrete mortar is poured into the molds, it goes through a number of processes. The first of these processes is the vibration process. The mortar shaped in the molds is vibrated here. Air bubbles in the concrete are removed in the process by means of vibration motors. Thus, a gap in the parquet is prevented. After the vibration process, the mortar in the molds is pressed. The pressed material is compressed. Thus, a more robust and high-strength product is obtained. After all processes are completed, the molds are moved to another area. Finally, the locked parquets are left to dry. Concrete paving stone machines produced by Globmac;

  • KB12 QUICK MASTER Concrete Parquet Production Plant
  • KB25 QUICK MASTER Automatic Concrete Parquet Production Plant
  • KB36 QUICK MASTER Automatic Concrete Parquet Production Plant
  • KB42 QUICK MASTER Automatic Concrete Parquet Production Plant
  • KB MBL Mobile (Portable) Concrete Parquet Production Facility

offered to companies.

Locking Paving Stone Used?

Keystone is an extremely functional stone. Thanks to its interlocking structure, it creates integrity in the area where it is used. Complementing and interlocking stones allow a very solid ground to be obtained. It is one of the most preferred flooring materials today. Especially in regions where urbanization is experienced rapidly, new roads and social areas are constantly built. Therefore, the need for keystone also increases. The most used areas of keystone are as follows;

  • In pedestrian road construction
  • In facilities such as parks and social areas
  • In the design of roads in the city
  • In areas designed for walking only
  • In the design of sidewalks in the city
  • In car parking areas
  • Shopping center parking and garden areas
  • Around or on the roads of production facilities
  • On roads where asphalt is difficult to pour

Lock Paving Stone Machine Prices

Globmac is a well-known and specialized company in the concrete paving machine and briquette machine industry. It designs concrete paving machines in different models. These machines; It consists of equipment such as aggregate bunkers, weighing units, concrete mixers and conveyor belts. Buyer companies can supply parquet or briquette machine from Globmac on a turnkey basis.

Prices may vary according to production capacities and features. For this reason, it is not appropriate for us to produce a clear price list. Globmac, which operates in the parquet and briquette machine sector, produces its products in its own facility. It also manufactures auxiliary equipment of parquet machines at the facility. You can contact Globmac for the concrete paving or interlocking paving stone machines you need. You can get information from machine models to lock parquet machine prices by calling us.