Interlocking paver prices are calculated as square meters or pallets. While 1 pallet interlocking paver is around 15 Dolar on average, it is around 4 dolar per square meter.

Although interlocking paver prices vary according to some factors, average prices are close to each other. Interlocking paving stone prices may vary depending on the manufacturer, manufacturing location and shipping option.

What are Interlocking Paver Prices?

As the population of cities is increasing day by day, the underground and aboveground needs in the urban areas are also increasing in parallel. In this context, two of the most required construction materials in the city are concrete paving stones and interlocking paving stones. Interlocking pavers are made of natural materials. It is manufactured by a large machine called an interlocking machine or paver plant. The concrete paving machine mixes natural aggregate, cement and water to make mortar. Then it manufactures paving stones in the desired shape and size.

Interlocking paving stone prices are often close to each other, but may vary slightly. The reason for this different pricing in concrete parquet prices is that different manufacturers offer ready-made parquet for the market. Paving stone or interlocking paver prices are usually calculated in two ways. These are calculations per square meter and calculations per pallet. One square meter is an average of 36 interlocking pavers. The average price of one square meter of interlocking paver is around 40 TL. Interlocking pavers are produced on machines via pallets. A pallet contains an average of 15.5 square meters of interlocking paver. The average price of a pallet of interlocking paver is around 350 TL.

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Interlocking Paver

Interlocking paver is produced using a special concrete. The interlocking paver has a distinctive shape. The Interlocking paver got this name because it is designed as a locked structure. Since they can be interlocked, they can form a more solid structure compared to other paver types. These designs also increase the strength of the road. The production of interlocking pavers is made by large and powerful construction machines, called interlocking machines or paver plants. These powerful machines can produce high volumes in a short time. The features of interlocking paving stones are as follows:

  • Aesthetic stones that can be used in different areas
  • Different solutions for city landscape designs
  • Decorative and aesthetic appearance
  • Production in 6 cm, 8 cm and 10 cm sizes
  • Extremely robust and resistant to abrasion
  • Convenient and practical removal or repositioning of stones in case of any problems after laying them
  • Easy application to many social areas, parks or gardens
  • Practical solutions at affordable costs

What Is Interlocking Paver Used For?

Interlocking pavers have been used more and more day by day. A factor of this increase is the new social areas created by city administrations and municipalities. It is a significant construction material used in the renewal of existing social and recreational areas. The most common application of interlocking pavers is urban landscaping works. Interlocking paving stones are used in parks, gardens and at many points in the city. Interlocking pavers provide a solid solution while adding an aesthetic appearance to the city.

In addition to the urban landscape, keystone is also used for floor covering of private properties or shopping malls. It provides a long-term solution to the area of use. Interlocking pavers can also be produced in different colors. Patterns and shapes in different colors can be drawn on the area to be covered. Apart from these, interlocked stones are used in the walking paths of parks or gardens. Interlocking paving stones offer a comfortable and convenient use on roads and passages.

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Interlocking Machine

Interlocking pavers are industrial stones with a special shape. It got this name because they form a whole by interlocking. The interlocking form leads to a more solidity than other paver types have. Today, it is frequently preferred on city roads, sidewalks, parks and social areas. The production of interlocking pavers is made by means of large and powerful construction machines, named as interlocking machines or paver plants.

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