How to Lay Concrete Block?

Thanks to this article where we will give tips and instructions about “How to lay concrete block?”, you will be able to make modifications cleaner with less waste as you wish. If you read our article carefully, you will be able to do solid work in a short time.

For any concrete structure, i.e. you want to build a retaining wall or a grill for your garden, you need the answers proven by experts to the question, “How to lay concrete block?”. For you, we we will explain the process of project you want to do from the beginning to the end in details.

First, draw the boundaries of your project through a chalk. You will learn what to do next by following the steps below. Let’s start by counting the materials you will need.

How to Lay Concrete Block? Which Materials Are Required?

Before you start laying concrete blocks, remember to get the following materials from a place that sells building materials near you.

  • Mortar
  • Trowel
  • Concrete blocks
  • Other technical equipments

Step 1: Build Foundation

After determining the boundaries of your project with chalk, you need to create the basis of the project. Start by making a mortar bed. Make sure that the thickness of the mortar bed is between 2.5 cm and 4 cm.

Step 2: Place Corner Block

Place corner block in the mortar bed so that it fits the borders that you have drawn with chalk. You have to be very careful at this stage. Because the rest of the project will be shaped on this basis. Be sure to properly place the block using a variety of equipment.

Step 3: Adjust Height

Draw lines evenly spaced of approximately 1 meter on a wooden stick so that each tier of concrete blocks can be at the proper height. When you insert the blocks, take measurements with this wooden stick. Press the blocks as much as possible to make the alignment properly. If the level of blocks is low, remove and make it again with a little more mortar.

Step 4: Prepare Other Block

Place the other block on the side of the first block you have placed. To do this, apply mortar to the both sides of the concrete block with a trowel. Thanks to this mortar, the appropriate distance between the concrete blocks will be achieved.

Step 5: Place Other Block

When placing the block, be sure to leave enough space that does not exceed 1 cm between the first block and the second one. Repeat these operations on all the blocks you will line up side by side.

 Step 6: Continue Laying

When you have finished laying the three blocks side by side, you can start laying another layer of concrete blocks. Before you start adding new blocks, be sure to check whether they are at balance with the spirit level.

How to Reinforce Concrete Block?

In some cases, structures you make with basic materials may not be as robust as you want. In that moments, you can strengthen concrete blocks. For this, you can use reinforcing mesh when placing each block tier. The reinforcing mesh placed both in the mortar and in the gaps of the blocks will greatly increase flexibility and durability of the structure.

In this article, We tried to answer the question “How to lay concrete block?”. We hope to assist you with your renovation processes in your home, garden, terrace, or wherever you want by using concrete blocks…