How to Cut Concrete Block?

How to cut concrete block that is large where they must fit? You should know from the beginning that it is an action that is not possible without the appropriate equipment. In this article, we will try to explain the most commonly used cutting tools and how to use them. You can determine which cutting method is suitable for your project.

It is very easy to answer the question “how to cut concrete block” if the block you want to cut is the standard one with cavities. Usually, using a diamond blade ensures the most efficient results. Larger precautions may be required during the cutting process, as a large amount of silica is released with powder.

How to Cut Concrete Block? Which Methods Are Used?

There are several methods used for cutting concrete block. One of these methods can be chosen dependent on the project where concrete blocks will be used and how rough or smooth you want it to be.

The most used tools for cutting block are as follows:

  • Hammer and concrete chisel
  • Chainsaw
  • Block separator
  • Safety equipment and other equipment

Tools That Can Be Used For Cutting Concrete Block

First, let’s talk about safety and auxiliary equipments. One of the tools you will need most for cutting is protective glasses. A lot of dust will be released during the cutting process. It prevents both dust and small pieces from getting into your eyes. Other auxiliary equipments are ear protectors, dust masks and gloves. Whichever method you use for cutting concrete block, remember to keep these equipment ready.

  1. Hammer and Concrete Chisel

It is the most commonly preferred cutting method with the least requirement of equipment. Its biggest disadvantage is that it requires a lot of muscle strength. If you are in a hurry, we do not recommend you to choose it.

  • First, mark the part of the block you want to cut by drawing a straight line.
  • Put on your gloves, goggles and mask.
  • Make small blows along the line using the hammer and chisel. Complete the process along the entire block.
  • Hit the small recess you created around the block more firmly again using the hammer and chisel. If the previous operation was done properly, the block will be divided into two neatly.
  1. Electric Saw

Using a chain saw, you can cut in a much shorter time and with less effort.

  • Buy a circular saw or masonry saw. We recommend you to make a detailed review in order to find out which one best suits your needs.
  • You must adjust how deep you want to cut before you start cutting. At the first stage, cut it deep enough to form a light line.
  • In the next steps, continue by adjusting the depth of cut deeper each time. You will get a smooth and clean cut.
  1. Block Separator

It is the most professional and powerful answer to the question “How to cut concrete block?”. To achieve the fastest and most accurate result, you must first obtain a concrete block separator.

  • The first step is to place the block neatly under the blade.
  • The block must then be fixed so that the block does not move during cutting.
  • The last step is to cut the block by applying the appropriate pressure to the part where the blade is located.

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