How is Interlocking Paving Stone Produced?

How is interlocking paving stone produced? This question has become more and more curious with the increase in the use of concrete pavers in cities recently.

So, how is interlocking paving stone produced? In the manufacture of paving stones containing concrete, a special mixture is first obtained by mixing certain proportions of aggregate, water and cement. Then, this semi-liquid concrete is poured into molds in the desired shape. In paving stone making machine, this mixture becomes interlocking paving stone after several processes.

How is Concrete Interlocking Paving Stone Produced?

Interlocking paving stone has a specific form that contains a special concrete. Interlocking paving stone has this name because of its interlocked structure. It is more durable than other types of paver. Interlocking pavers also increase the strength of the road. The production of interlocking paver is carried out by large and powerful construction machine called paving stone production plant or paving stone making machine.

Concrete mortar must first be prepared for the production of interlocking paving stones. Concrete mortar consists of crushed small stone (aggregate), cement and water. The prepared concrete mortar is then poured into the molds in the form of interlocking parquet. Then, the spaces and air bubbles in the mortar are removed by means of vibration motors. It leads to raise the strength of the pavers. Finally, interlocking paving stones are transported through molds and left to dry.

How is Concrete Interlocking Paving Stone Produced?
Where is Interlocking Paving Stone Used?

Where is Interlocking Paving Stone Used?

The usage area of interlocking paving stone has been constantly expanding. It is preferred more and more every day due to its resistance to abrasion, high strength and easy application. It is especially used by municipalities. It offers an efficient use.

Today, interlocking paving stones are mostly preferred in the following areas:

  • In the design of roads in the city
  • In sidewalks in the city
  • In parking lot
  • In the shopping center (the parking lot and garden)
  • Around or on the roads of production facilities
  • On roads where asphalt is difficult to pour

Its usage area has been constantly increasing since interlocking paving stone is a long-lasting and low-cost investment for the areas where it is used.

Features of Interlocking Paving Stone

Today, many types of paving stones are produced in different sizes and shapes for the use of vehicles and pedestrians. All paving stones produced by different companies must have a certain standard. It must be produced in accordance with the TS 2824 EN1338 standard. Because interlocking paving stone must have the durability specified in this standard. Apart from the strength standard, the features of the interlocking paving stone are as follows:

  • Different landscape designs and solutions
  • Decorative and aesthetic appearance
  • Production in 6 cm, 8 cm and 10 cm sizes
  • Robust and resistant to abrasion
  • In case of any problems after laying, removing or re-installing the stones is very convenient and practical
  • Easy application to social areas, parks or gardens
  • Practical solutions at affordable cost
Features of Interlocking Paving Stone
Interlocking Paving Stone Manufacturers

Interlocking Paving Stone Manufacturers

Interlocking paving stone is made with advanced production machines today. These machines use the latest technological infrastructure. They are bought and operated by paving stone manufacturers. There are many different brands and companies producing paving stones in the market. However, there are some points to be considered by those who want to produce paving stone.

Where to buy a paving stone machine? There is no clear answer to this question. However, it is very important for the manufacturer to be a well-known and trusted company in the market. Because paving stone machine is an investment tool designed to be used for many years. If it is not supplied by a good interlocking paving stone manufacturer, some problems may arise in the long run. The decrease in the performance of the machine over time, the abrasion of some parts and the supply problems of spare parts are some of these problems.

Globmac Interlocking Paving Machines

Globmac Concrete Paving Stone and Briquette Machine Manufacturing is a company established under ASBLOK Makina. It is specialized only in concrete paving stone machine and briquette machine. In addition to these machines, the concrete block production plant includes aggregate hoppers, weighing units, concrete mixers and conveyor belts. The buyer company can supply a ready-made paving stone or briquette machine.

The company does not only produce paving stone machine and briquette machines, but also spare parts of these production plants. Globmac briquette and paving stone machines are able to operate smoothly for many years. Globmac is a manufacturer producing the best quality and robust machine in the market. It has a wide range of products. You can contact Globmac for detailed information about prices of concrete paving stone machine and briquette machine.

Interlocking Paving Machines