Hollow Block Machine

Hollow block machine is widely used to manufacture the blocks including wide gaps in the construction sector. It can be produced in many geometric shapes and sizes using different materials.

Hollow block machine is also used in the manufacture of paving stones, solid blocks and keystones. These machines have the potential to produce almost any type of block used in construction.

Usage Areas of Hollow Block

manual hollow block machine is still used for the production of blocks, which is generally used in decoration works such as garden decoration, fireplaces and similar decorative materials. However, this process requires a lot of manual labor. In addition, fewer products can be obtained over much longer periods. The reason for this is that the hollow blocks used in construction works have to go through drying and burning processes in order to be durable. This is one of the reasons that prolong the process.

One of the main reasons why the use of hollow block making machine has become more widespread lately is that it can produce environmentally friendly products. Because blocks can be produced from residual materials. Lighter products can be obtained by mixing cement with some materials such as sawdust.

Advantages of Hollow Block Machine

Depending on which raw materials you will use and the level of automation you need, you can choose between fully automatic or semi-automatic options. This will help you avoid future problems.

The hollow block machine has other eco-friendly features. Cavities in the hollow block are very advantageous in terms of thermal insulation. These gaps, which also allow sound insulation, are filled with different materials and are resistant to bad conditions.

Since its feature of extra heat and sound insulation reduces the use of heating devices, it has positive contributions to both budget and waste management.

It has less parts that require plaster or paint and  less cost of mold. On the other hand, there are some disadvantages. Since the hollow blocks are lightweight, more blocks are added to make the structure durable. This may cause some logistical difficulties.

Types of Hollow Blocks

First, two different types of hollow blocks can be mentioned. One of them is stretch block and the other is double bullnose block. The stretch block is a version with small protrusions at both ends of the flat part. These protrusions are used to form a homogeneous surface by engaging each other. The protrusions are more likely to break during transport. In this respect, double bullnose blocks are easier to transport and protect.

With its unique design, durable steel construction and time-saving heat treatment capacity, the hollow blocks machine will meet all your needs with GlobMac quality assurance. We have a wide technical service network.

As it is profitable in the long term, the employers in the construction sector, which is looking for a hollow block making machine for sale, is increasing day by day. Please contact us for hollow block machine prices.

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