Establishing a Briquette Factory

There are many factors to consider in setting up a establishing a briquette factory, such as cost and space required. Since the briquette production facility primarily requires the supply of machinery and raw materials, the cost calculation can be made accordingly.

In particular, the process of acquiring the briquette machine, which will ensure the production of briquettes, is very important for the continuity of production. This is one of the main requirements for establishing a briquette factory long-term production facility. However, machine preference should be made after determining the production objectives. The raw material will also significantly affect your product quality.

Cost Of Briquette Factory

Cost to Establishing a Briquette Factory

The following factors affect the cost of the plant to be built for briquette production:

  • Purchase of machine
  • Supply of raw materials
  • Personnel working in the production process
  • Area where the facility will be located
  • Electricity expenditure
  • Process of moving to a new place
  • Spare parts and maintenance

How to use briquette machine?

Briquetting machines have many different features and types. The briquette machine used to process a mixture of sand, sawdust, gravel, stone etc. should be selected according to the product to be manufactured. After deciding on the raw material to be processed in the briquette factory, a suitable machine for production can be obtained. GLOBMAC is capable of producing briquettes at universal standards by means of molds in ideal dimensions and offers a wide range of machines to its customers.

The briquette machines can be grouped differently according to their intended use and manner of work:

  • Briquetting Press
  • Concrete Briquette Machine
  • Concrete Paving Stone Machine
  • Briquette Block Machine
  • Concrete Block Machine
  • Hollow Briquette Machine
  • Fully Automatic Briquetting Machines
  • Semi Automatic Briquetting Machines

These machines can be grouped according to their raw materials and outputs but also according to their working principles.

Prices of Briquette Machine

Prices of briquette machines are determined in line with many different types and specifications. As the machine has a wide range of types according to the production methods and raw materials used, it is available in the market with many different options in terms of price. In GLOBMAC, the prices offered in line with the intended use of the machine and the usage areas are focused on customer satisfaction. That is why our customers obtain the most suitable machine for their intended production with GLOBMAC service assurance at the best price and quality.

The multi-purpose use of the briquette machine has made it a preferred choice in many sectors. Therefore, customers who wish to establish a briquette factory can contact us via our website, e-mail / telephone or face-to-face for further information.