Border Machine

Border Machine

Border Machine

Border machine is an industrial facility used for the production of curb stones. This machine is used to produce concrete curbs that are utilized along sidewalks, roads, and in landscaping projects. Additionally, by using different molds, it can also produce bims, concrete pavers, interlocking pavers, and concrete blocks.

Border machine is categorized into manual, semi-automatic, and automatic models, based on the level of human intervention required. The model of the curb production facility can be decided based on the needs of the project. These machines are of great importance in the construction industry as they ensure the rapid and high-quality production of concrete curbs

The types and features of curb machines are as follows:

Manual Curb Machine

A manual curb machine requires more human effort. Users operate the machine using levers and pedals. It is preferred for its energy efficiency and easy portability.

Semi-Automatic Curb Machine

A semi-automatic curb machine performs most operations automatically. It requires less human effort, thus saving on labor. It is more affordable compared to fully automatic machines.

Automatic Curb Machine

An automatic curb machine performs all production processes automatically. It does not require human effort, saving on labor and time. It is more expensive than other machines but reduces costs in the long run.

Bordür Makinası

Concrete Border Machine

Machines that produce concrete curbs facilitate mass production, enabling construction projects to be completed more quickly. In addition to saving time and labor, these machines are sustainable and can be used in other projects. Especially, fully automatic machines significantly increase efficiency in terms of production speed and capacity.

Machines can come in different shapes, sizes, and designs. Similarly, molds can be diversified to meet different needs. In the same machine, using interchangeable molds, bims, bricks, concrete pavers, and curbs can be produced. This increases production efficiency and reduces costs.

How are Curb Stones Produced?

Water, cement, and aggregate are measured in the correct proportions and mixed. This mixture is then poured into molds. The curb is then pressed to take shape and gain a dense structure. This process ensures the curb is of higher quality and durability. Known as brick machines, these machines can produce different items by changing the molds.

Machines that produce concrete curbs are used in large-scale urban transformation and infrastructure projects. These machines enable projects to be completed more quickly and save on labor, energy, and time. They produce less waste, allowing for more environmentally compatible projects.

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Bordür Makinası