Concrete Mixer

concrete mixer is used to make cement mixtures prepared with various construction materials in large quantities into mortar. For the effective mixing of the mortar, the concrete mixer is an ideal machine for all small and large construction projects when equipped with the necessary equipment.

Appropriate conditions must be met in order to obtain the mortar in accordance with universal standards. The concrete mixer plays an important role in meeting these requirements. It is responsible for the mixing process and enables the rapid adaptation of the raw materials to be used in construction.

Features of Concrete Mixer

In order to obtain concrete blocks, the most important aspect to consider first is the choice of concrete mixer to mix the mortar. Size of the mixer directly affects the amount of mortar to be mixed per unit time and is a factor determining duration of construction. Higher amount of mortar required for concrete mixture, more mixture should be made at one time. For continuity of the construction and time saving, size of concrete mixer must be large.

How does a concrete mixer work?

Use in proper conditions is significant for these machines which generally have the same working principles. It is therefore of utmost importance to adhere to the instructions for use of concrete mixers which GLOBMAC develops with experienced engineers and technicians at universal standards.

Concrete Prices

Mixer Preparation

  • To ensure that the mixer is ready for use, it must first be placed on a flat surface and close to the water source.
  • Then the amount of cement and water to be mixed should be adjusted in accordance with the instructions.
  • Overloading hopper is dangerous and may cause deterioration of the concrete mixture. Therefore, it should be ensured that the optimum amount is adjusted to the volume of hopper.
  • The density of the mixture is also very important. Any failure in installation and preparation can cause great damage to the manufacturing process.
  • Concrete mixed in accordance with the standards can move easily inside drum and does not overflow from hopper. To achieve this density, water or concrete mixture can be added to the mixture.

Safety Measures to be Taken

When using mixers, clothes that cover the entire body should always be preferred. The use of appropriate footwear, gloves and safety goggles is also effective in keeping the safety measures at the highest level.

In addition, the cleaning of the area to be worked is very important. It is also necessary to use warning barriers and signs around the concrete mixer while it is running.

How much concrete does a cement mixer hold?

In these machines, which generally run on diesel fuel, the hoppers are placed on wheels. These wheels, which eliminate the limitation of movement, are also effective in easily discharging the hopper after mixing. So, the mortar is easily discharged to the trolleys where it will be transported. Some types of mixers can efficiently mix approximately 18 liters of mortar per minute. There are different models in the concrete mixer in terms of volume of hopper.

You can contact us to have a concrete mixer with different capacities without safety weakness and practical working principles in use according to instructions with Globmac quality assurance.