Concrete Mixer

Concrete Mixer

The concrete mixer is used to prepare the mortar to be stored in the cement silo or to be used immediately. It is suitable for use in large volume production centers and construction sites that need to reach raw materials faster.

The working principle of the concrete mixer is organized for the purpose of mixing the concrete mortar and aggregate that must be included in the hopper within a certain cubic meter. Concrete mixers are produced in order to mix the mortar, which is kept in horizontal angled and small diameter silos, in a mechanical system.

It is also an important criterion that the manufacturer company, for which the mixer is ordered, can provide technical and parts support in order to get full performance from the condition and usage function of the mixers, which can be produced in different volumes according to the area to be used and the amount of concrete needed. Globmac; While providing mixer needs, it also supplies machinery to different geographies of the world and provides technical support services.

How Does A Concrete Mixer Work?

It is important to use these machines, which generally have almost the same working principles, under appropriate conditions and correctly. Therefore, it is of great importance to stick to the instructions for use of concrete mixers developed in universal standards by the experienced engineers and technicians of GLOBMAC, a leading company in its sector.

Preparing the Mixer

  • In order for the mixer to be ready for use, it must first be ensured that it is placed on a flat surface and close to the water source.
  • Afterwards, the amount of cement material and water to be mixed should be adjusted in accordance with the instructions.
  • Overloading the mixer hopper is dangerous and may cause deterioration of the concrete mix. Therefore, it should be ensured that the most suitable amount for the volume of the chamber is adjusted.
  • The density of the mixture is also very important. Any disruption in the installation and preparation stages can cause great damage to the manufacturing process.
  • Concrete mixed in accordance with the standards can easily move inside the mixer drum. It does not overflow from the reservoir. In order to obtain this density, water or concrete mixture can be added to the mixture.

In order to obtain concrete blocks, the most important issue to be considered in the selection of the concrete mixer, which will provide the mixture of the mortar, is the size. The mixer size directly affects the amount of mortar to be mixed in unit time and is a factor that determines the duration of the construction. The higher the amount of mortar required for the concrete mix, the more the mix to be made in one go should be. For the continuity of the construction and saving time, the concrete mixer size must be large.

Concrete Mixer Types

Within Globmac, thanks to the advantages brought by the manufacturer, it is possible to manufacture products with different volumes and mechanisms for the requested mixer by working with a customer focus. You can request an appointment to detail your orders from Globmac, which offers Mixer (Mixer) Gear System – 1 and Mixer (Mixer) – 2 products, and you can learn technical details by contacting us from our contact addresses.

In these machines, which generally work with diesel fuel, the chambers are placed on wheels. These wheels, which eliminate the limitation of movement, are also effective in ensuring the easy evacuation of the mixer bowl after mixing. In this way, the mortar is easily discharged to the wheelbarrows where it will be transported. Some types of mixers can efficiently mix approximately 18 liters of mortar per minute. There are different models in terms of chamber volumes in the concrete mixer.

You can contact us to have concrete mixers of different capacities, which do not have security weaknesses and have practical working principles when used in accordance with the instructions, with the assurance of GLOBMAC.

Cement Mixer Safety Precautions

When using blenders, costumes that cover the whole body should always be preferred. The use of appropriate shoes, gloves and safety glasses is also effective in keeping the safety measures at the highest level. It is essential not to neglect the measures that are important for life safety.

In addition to these, the cleanliness of the work area is also very important. It is also necessary to use warning barriers and signs around the concrete mixer while it is running. Occupational safety audits have also increased their importance in recent years; It is important to pay attention to the precautions to be taken for mixers located centrally in the construction sites in order to receive positive reports from the inspections to be made by the competent authorities.

How Much Are Concrete Mixer Prices?

Since the mixers produced within Globmac can be produced with alternative features as customer-oriented, a fixed fee cannot be specified for cost calculation. Reflecting the advantage of being a manufacturer company to its customers, Globmac offers its experience and quality products at advantageous prices. You can also mix the features you demand.

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