Concrete Block House Construction

Concrete block house construction is preferred in most countries as it is a robust, healthy, low-cost and maintenance-free choice. Regardless of the climatic conditions, it provides great convenience both at the times when it is made and used.

Concrete block house construction has been becoming a very good investment with its   properties such as not allowing pest shelter, good insulation and energy saving. When compared to wooden structures, concrete block house is more expensive at the construction stage; but the case is quite opposite in the long run.

What Are The Advantages of Concrete Block House Construction?

Concrete block house construction has been used in the construction industry for many years. Concrete blocks are the main structural elements used during the construction. Concrete blocks, also known as concrete wall units, can be in different shapes such as a block with or without hollow and a block in two or three-piece. In addition to the features we have briefly mentioned before, they can be produced in any desired length and shape although they have standard shapes and sizes. So, they also provide decorative ease.

Let’s get more information about the features of buildings with concrete blocks.

Why Concrete Block Should Be Preferred?

  • It saves energy. Thermal insulation is very high if concrete blocks are used on the exterior of the building. In this way, the energy spent for heating the house decreases to a minimum. In addition, extra systems such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning are easy to build in houses made of concrete blocks.
  • It creates a healthy living space. Especially in buildings with residential purpose, the most important point is how healthy the interior will be. People living in houses made of concrete blocks are hardly exposed to toxins and allergens.
  • It is soundproof. Let’s give an example to make it easier to understand. Compare a frame wall with a concrete block wall. When you put your ear to the frame wall, you can easily hear the sounds coming from the other side. When doing it for concrete block wall, you should make an effort to make the hoarse sounds you hear meaningful.
  • Concrete block house construction costs are low. It can be used with no maintenance for many years, since the damages caused by various pests or rodents and problems like decay are eliminated.

Pros of Concrete Block House

If concrete block houses are built in and assembled accordance with the International Building Code, they are more robust than the houses made with cast concrete. They can be reinforced with steel rods and additional concrete at the desired rate. They can be used on both interior and exterior walls.

Besides these pros, concrete blocks have some cons as well. But concrete block house problems generally come from the overlooked mistakes during the construction. The blocks should be laid on the foundation correctly. In addition, extra costs may be required to make the exterior of the concrete look more aesthetically pleasing.

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