Cinder Blocks Near Me

Cinder Blocks Near Me is widely provided and used for building projects in the construction industry. In the production of cinder block, using Portland cement which is aggregate consisted of small stones and coal slag creates big advantages in terms of both cost and function.

Cinder Blocks Near Me is used externally and internally on high load-bearing walls. They can be produced in different colors and textures. They also have remarkable benefits in heat and sound insulation.

Manufacturer of Cinder Blocks Near Me

 Cinder blocks have many different names. First of all, we will mention about these various names  in order to give an idea to those who want to research about the subject:

  • Breeze block: The word “breeze” used in the meaning of slag in meteorology is used for the cinder block in England.
  • Hollow block: This naming has been deemed appropriate because the cinder blocks produced in the Philippines generally have gaps.
  • Building blocks: It is a term used especially in New Zealand.
  • Clinker blocks: These blocks are products manufactured using clinker instead of ash.

Before finding the manufacturer of cinder blocks near me and purchasing cinder block, it is useful to know these concepts.

Cinder Blocks Near Me For Sale

 Although cinder blocks near me for sale have different standards depending on the countries, commonly used dimensions has been certained.

The standard sizes of these products according to some countries are as follows:

  • United States: 410mm x 200mm x 200mm
  • England and Ireland: 440mm x 215mm x 100mm
  • New Zealand and Canada: 390 mm x 190 mm x 190 mm

Molds are used when producing cinder blocks. In this way, blocks can be manufactured in any shape and size though there are some standard shapes.

Standardized cinder blocks are available on the market as 155 mm x 75 mm x 75 mm. Half blocks are half the length of the standard size block. The ears of blocks provides convenience for the application of casement windows.

We advise you to contact the GlobMAC’s expert engineers to get more detailed information about cinder blocks for sale.

GlobMAC Cinder Blocks For Sale

Some of the advantages you will gain by purchasing the world-class cinder blocks produced by GlobMAC’s experienced and reliable block making machines are given as followsci:

  • The use of ash and clinker in the block construction ensures the lower density of the blocks, which provides convenience in logistics and wall construction.
  • When they are produced hollow, they become very useful in terms of heat and sound insulation.
  • The time spent on obtaining aggregates is reduced. On the other hand, since slag is basically a waste material, these products contribute to recycling and reduce waste production.

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