Cement Blocks Making Machine

Purchasing a cement blocks making machine is recommended to entrepreneurs who want to do business in the construction field, those who want to expand their existing business or the leaders of the sector. In this way, it is possible to increase profit in long term and to produce without sacrificing quality. After considering which area of ​​the construction sector to be in, the purchased machines will increase the capacity of the enterprises and increase the business volume.

The cement blocks making machine will prevent the cost of buying different materials from different manufacturers. The machines you buy from GlobMac have the lowest negative environmental impact. And all machines comply with international safety standards. GlobMac offers fast solutions to improve your business with its fully automatic, semi-automatic and automatic models.

GlobMac Cement Blocks Making Machine

The cement blocks machine will be a logical act both in order to develop a successful and effective strategy in the building materials sector and to ensure the future of your company. Our machines offer fast solutions in factory projects, small businesses and building projects. It can also be used in the production of briquettes, pumice blocks, paving stones and other types of blocks. It is enough to change the mold to produce blocks of different sizes. It is easy to use. Thanks to the special software system, it is possible to observe every stage of production and create early solutions to possible problems.

Our models have a production capacity between 100 pallets and 130 pallets per hour. The movement capability of the mechanical parts is provided by advanced hydraulic systems.

Features of Cement Blocks Machine

With a sustainable production, high quality and maximum performance, GlobMac produce its machines that is used to manufacture keystone, curbstone, pumice block and many other types of blocks in compliance with the world standards together with the professionals who are experts in their fields.

GlobMac machines, which has a combination of advanced engineering with the use of high quality materials in their products, are able to work even under the most severe conditions thanks to the use of certified and high quality steel. Their lives are longer compared to many other machines in the market.

Advantages of GlobMac

  • Produce different types of blocks: You can produce cobblestones, keystones, hollow blocks or suchlike with the simple action of changing the mold.
  • Flexible investment: Choose one of our different machine solutions according to the needs of your business and the dimensions of your projects. Get support from our engineers and technicians to make the best choice for you.
  • Ease of use: We have made usage of machine easy through special software. The PLC system allows you to control every second of production. In this way, you will not only simplify your operation but also maximize job security.

When searching cement block machine prices or cement block making machine for sale, remember to ask for a price offer from GlobMac. Thanks to our high quality product and after-sales technical support, we will solve your problems while you go about your business.

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