Cable Stone

Cable Stone

Cable stone is a product that is generally produced using pumice and used to protect underground cables. Although there are usage forms that can be customized according to the needs, it is generally manufactured in 20x40x5 cm thickness.

Cable stone prices may vary according to the material used in the production of the stone, the size of the product and the quality of the material. However, it is also possible to use and sell this product by mass production instead of purchasing it. Thus, you can both meet your own needs and make significant profits within a certain period of time by selling them. Pars series machines made by Globmac ; pumice is able to produce briquettes and concrete blocks in a very fast and practical way. In addition, there is no need for human labor in fully automatic machines.

Pumice cable stone or pumice brick due to the material they are produced from . So how do these products protect the cables passing under the ground? When an excavation is carried out in the region by means of construction equipment or by hand, cable stones are encountered before the cables. Thus, it is understood that the cable passes there and the process is completed without damaging the cable.

Electricity, telephone or fiber optic connection cables can be effectively protected by these stones. Otherwise, cable stones are an extremely important material, as interruptions will occur in these services. The materials from which the cable stones are produced are both resistant to electric current and do not damage the cables.

Productions can be carried out in the ISO 9001-2015 system, in accordance with TS-EN 771/3 and CE standards. There are also certain standards announced by TEDAŞ on cable protection. Accordingly, the power cable It should be protected with pumice or concrete materials.

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Cable Marker Stone

Cable stones are also known as cable markers because they are used to show the cables passing through the area. Among engineers, it is often referred to as the underground cable brick . The electrical resistance of natural materials such as pumice bricks used in cable housing is quite high.

Underground cable stones is recommended to be 5 or 10 per cubic meter. Applying the stones is a very easy process. Any person can simply place these products on the cable-running floor. So what are the features of pumice bricks ?

It is not affected by the current flowing through the cable.

It does not heat up easily and does not burn.

It is earthquake resistant.

It is economical and environmentally friendly.

It is a light material.

Cables running underground are not laid directly in the ground because cables laid in this way are short-lived. Chemical substances in the soil can damage the cable. Therefore, pumice during laying Insulation materials such as plates or bricks should be used. Pumice material is preferred much more than brick because it is wider. It also saves time during the application . Bims prices are known for being budget friendly.

Cable Plate Stone

There are some differences between the stones, which are extremely important in the protection of underground cables. For example , we said that pumice material is more economical than bricks and is preferred more often . While it is sufficient to use 5 pieces of pumice cable stones per cubic meter, it is recommended to use 10 pieces for cable bricks. In the past, mostly concrete material was used for cable protection. The fact that cement prices were favorable in the past had a great impact on this issue.

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“Cable Laying Underground”

How is the underground cable laying done? Underground cables are laid on solid and stone-free floors. The cable is placed on the sand in a way to form bends to the right or left. On top of the laid cable, approximately 10 cm thick sifted sand is added again. This layer of sand allows the cable to cool.

Care is taken to avoid undesirable situations such as twisting, peeling or stretching during cable placement. Protective elements must be added on the sand added to the cable or between LV (low voltage) and MV (medium voltage) cables laid side by side in the same channel. In this way, the excavating workers will notice beforehand that there is a cable there.

A warning strip with a width of at least 10 cm should be placed approximately 30 cm above the protective stone. In the process of placing the LV and MV cables on top of each other, the MV cable should be at the bottom and the LV cable should be at the top.

Cable Brick prices

Cable stone prices , or in other words , underground cable brick prices , are affected by a few certain criteria;

Number of orders placed: discounts may apply for wholesale purchases.

Dimensions/size of the material.

The nature of the material used in the production of the stone.

Delivery and shipping costs.

A production facility can produce materials that can meet its own needs and also meet the needs of different businesses by making sales. For this, it is necessary to use machines with high production capacities.

Globmac offers to the world shows itself in the Pars series machines. Pars 12 and Pars 18 models operate almost like a stand-alone production facility thanks to the equipment they have. The products can be operated fully automatically. Thus, there is no need for manpower.

Globmac designs its products according to the demands of the customers. For example, with Pars 18, more than 20 thousand pumice , briquettes or concrete blocks can be produced in an 8-hour shift. Thanks to the internal heating and cooling systems in the equipment of our machines, the temperature of the devices is kept within the limits as it should be.

To Get Information About Cable Stone Prices

Importance of Cable Housing Stone

Cables constitute the infrastructure basis of network systems that develop with technological advances. The internet, which is provided with ADSL, VDSL and finally fiber optic technology, is carried to our homes and workplaces via cables. Mobile internet, on the other hand, can be provided through base stations and various satellite technologies.

If the cables, which are an infrastructure system element, are not protected, electricity and internet interruptions are inevitable. In addition, new cable material will be needed for the repair of the cables, according to the human labor and the rate of damage . Cable protection stones can protect these cables effectively. Thus, the average service life of the cables is also extended. Cable stones also significantly reduce the risk of cable freezing.

Cable protection stones produced from pumice ; It can be in the form of bricks, guides or plates. Bims is a material that many people have heard in some way among the public. It has many names such as pumice stone, pumice stone or heel stone.

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