Briquette Machines Prices

Briquette Machines Prices

Briquette Machines Prices vary according to criteria such as machine type, power consumed per unit time, production volume and raw material supply process. The machines, which are offered for sale with different working principles and different price options, include models suitable for many budgets.

What are Briquette Machines Prices ? Globmac , the innovative manufacturer of the briquette machine industry , continues to manufacture machinery using the latest technology. In these devices, the desired shape can be given to the mortar used, provided that the mold is changed. In this way, materials that appeal to different needs can be easily obtained. You can contact us to get information about current machine prices.

Briquette Machines Prices Second Hand

Materials such as concrete blocks and briquettes are indispensable in today’s construction industry. Thanks to these machines, a series of operations such as crushing, screening and pressing can be carried out quickly. Briquette machines for sale are also known as pumice briquette machine or pumice machine . Because only a single material is not produced with these devices. Thanks to the concrete briquette machines produced by Globmac ;

  • key cobblestone
  • grass stone
  • curb stone
  • rain gutter
  • grass stone
  • insulated briquette

Mass production of materials such as Machines wear out as they are used due to their structure. It is recommended to use new briquette machine models for sale so that the components that make up the device are more durable and can offer a long service life . However, purchasing a second hand briquette machine may also have advantages in the short term in terms of cost. You can contact us to get price information about new and used briquette machines .

Briket Makinaları Fiyatları
Briket Makinaları Fiyatları

How is Briquette Production Made?

The materials obtained as a result of the processing of natural or artificial aggregates are called briquettes. In other words, briquettes; It is manufactured from a processed mixture of aggregate, water and cement. So how is briquette produced?

The best way to mass-produce briquettes for use in many areas is to use Globmac’s innovative machines. Our product group, which focuses on the production of concrete blocks and briquettes, is known by the serial name KB . However, it is possible to produce briquettes/ pumice with our Pars series devices.

Machines that can produce many materials such as concrete blocks, briquettes and pumice are also exposed to the abrasive effects of the stone with which it interacts, for example, during the processing of pumice stone. For this reason, components such as molds and mixers in the machines are produced as replaceable.

Manual Briquette Machine Prices

manual briquette machines, manpower is used more effectively during the production of blocks. Manual devices use legacy technology and are mostly preferred by small businesses. These machines work thanks to a push mechanism that moves with human power. It is possible to produce about a thousand briquettes or pumice per day with manual machines .

Material outputs are generally 20x40x20 cm. With the use of different mold options, concrete blocks can be produced in desired sizes and shapes. The machines operate with 220 Volt or 380 kW power. Steel material, which is extremely resistant to abrasion, is preferred in the manufacture of the machine . Manual briquette machine price ;

  • Technical characteristics of the device and production volume
  • pallet capacity
  • Total power consumption

may differ according to variables such as However, the price is more suitable than automatic and semi-automatic models. On the other hand, it works with a much lower performance and requires manpower to operate.

Briket Makinaları Fiyatları

Globmac Briquette Machine Models

Automation is a feature that is at the forefront of briquette machines. This feature brings many benefits. Faster mass production of materials and no need for human labor are extremely important benefits. KB and Pars series machines produced by Globmac have different models that we can list as follows.

  • KB 12
  • KB 25
  • KB 36
  • KB 42
  • Pars 12
  • Pars 18

Thanks to the heating and cooling units in the KB series devices developed for the production of materials such as concrete blocks and briquettes, the temperature can be kept under constant control. All of the movements in the automatic working part can be easily managed with the PLC system. All movements in the machine are carried out by the hydraulic system.

Briquette machines meticulously produced by our engineering team; can be sorted using wooden pallets with feet and stacking robot. Mortar preparation plant part can be manufactured as fully or semi-automatically depending on customer demand. You can contact us to get information about new or 2 hand pumice machine prices and to send your order requests.