Briquette Machine Types

Briquette Machine Types

Briquette machine types are manufacturing units that enable mass production of briquettes needed in the construction and building design industry. Working as a small factory, it is possible to produce concrete blocks in different numbers with these units.

Briquette machine types, machines with different volumes and technical features can also be produced for your projects and preferences.

What are the Briquette Machine Types?

While choosing a machine in concrete block production, the capacity of the works to be used and the production technologies that the machines will have are decisive. Although there are alternative models in the market as of now, it is possible to examine the types of fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual briquette machines in general.

Block-Making Machine Types
Block-Making Machine Types

“Manual Briquette Machine”

Manual briquette machines are machines that also use manpower in briquette production processes. The production capacity of manual machines that operate manually is lower than other models. Therefore, it is mostly preferred by small-scale enterprises and municipalities with less population. With manual briquette machines, 20 x 40 x 20 briquettes can be produced. As a result of 8 hours of work, it can produce an average of 800 to 100 briquettes per day.

“Semi-Automatic Briquette Machine”

While some manpower is needed in the semi-automatic briquette machine, the machine does most of the rest. The working principle of these machine models is as follows; The operations that need to be done during the briquette production are done by an operator. The operator sends commands to the machine via the control panel. Thus, one person can maintain the operation of hydraulic systems.

Manual briquette machines are mostly preferred by medium-sized enterprises and municipalities today. They can produce high quantities with less people and electrical energy. It is one of the most used machines in the market together with the fully automatic briquette machines.

“Full Automatic Briquette Machine”

In briquette machines, also known as fully automatic or full automatic, all the movements required for briquette production are made automatically by the machine. There is no need for manpower in these machines working with PLC control mechanism. The working principle of the automatic briquette machine is as follows; The machine provides the automatic operation of the front and rear stacking robots with the hydraulic system controlled by the operator. The products on the pallet are stacked 6-8 rows on top of each other. Finally, the process is completed by being taken to the drying area by forklift.

Fully automatic briquette machine is the machine that uses the most energy and produces the highest amount of briquettes. It is mostly preferred by large-scale businesses. Automatic briquette machines have a computer-aided automation system. Thus, briquette production is carried out more easily and effortlessly.

Block-Making Machine Types
Block-Making Machine Types

Briquette Machine Models

Briquette is one of the most used building materials in building and especially in construction today. It is one of the very safe and solid ways to build a wall. The briquette, which provides a better insulation compared to other alternatives, is produced by the briquette machine. Briquette machines first create a concrete mortar by mixing aggregate, water and cement in certain proportions. PARS series briquette machines produced by Globmac are used by companies in their production facilities.

“PARS 12 Concrete Parquet and Briquette Machine”

  • It has an automatic operating system
  • The production capacity is 180-190 hours/pallet on average.
  • The weight of the machine is 17 tons.
  • Provides easy mold changing
  • Mortar preparation part can be produced automatically or semi-automatically.
  • High capacity and efficient operation
  • Emergency security system
  • No need for manpower

“PARS 18 Concrete Parquet and Briquette Machine”

  • It has a production capacity of 180-190 pallets per hour with a hydraulic pump power of 66 KW.
  • It provides great advantage to the user as PLC controlled
  • There is a printing capacity of 18 pieces of 20 briquettes in one press.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Works with high capacity and efficiency
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • In an emergency, the security system is activated.
  • The control panel is clearly and simply designed

Second Hand Briquette Machine

Globmac also provides second-hand briquette machine service to companies. The prices of these machines, whose maintenance is done by our company, are determined according to the usage period. Prices are more affordable than new briquette machines. However, we recommend that companies that will make mass production prefer our brand new products.

Second-hand briquette machines with long working times can cause disruptions during production. For this reason, many companies prefer new machines. You can reach us by calling our contact numbers to have a second hand or brand new briquette machine.

Briquette Machine Prices

There is no fixed universal price list for briquette machines. The most important reason for this situation arises from the exchange rates that can change during the order process, raw material and parts supply process. At the same time, another parameter that directly affects the prices is the technical features of the model you prefer. Prices are calculated differently in models that vary according to transaction volume; At the same time, cost calculations can be made on special machines that will be optimized depending on your preference.

If you want to benefit from the price and quality product advantages of GLOBMAC, which is a manufacturer company, you can reach us from our contact addresses and direct us to detailed questions for your requests.

Briquette Machine Prices