Briquette Machine Prices

Briquette machine prices vary depending on the transaction volume of the briquette production facility to be preferred and the technologies of the machine.

Briquette machine prices , many parameters are decisive on the prices. For instance; Factors such as whether the relevant machine is new or second hand, machine condition, internal systems to be demanded in the unit, determine the prices.

Briket Makinası Fiyatları
Briket Makinası Fiyatları

Briquette Machine

Briquette is a solid building material obtained using natural rocks. In addition to being light, it is one of its important advantages that it provides good insulation. It also has a high amount of heat and sound insulation. Due to all these features, it has become one of the most preferred building materials today.

Briquette, which has a very common use all over the world, is produced in large machines called briquette machines. Briquette machines mix parts of natural stones with water and cement and obtain a mortar. Then, it produces products in desired shapes and sizes. Briquette machines are designed in different models as a working principle.

Briquette machine models have different production capacities. Old model briquette machines were generally manual and had low production capacity. However, today, semi-automatic and fully automatic briquette machine models have been developed. In this way, it has become possible to produce more briquettes in a certain time period.

Briquette Machine Types

Briquette machines are very functional machines. Different structures can be obtained from a single machine. Many products can be output with a single machine to give the desired shape to the mortar used, provided that the molds of the machine are changed. This can meet the demands of customers for a long time. It causes them to turn to machines that allow different mold change ranges. Machine prices can also vary according to these features.

Briquette production takes place as a result of several different processes. Some machines do these processes completely automatically. Some machines do these processes manually and some processes automatically. These vary according to the features of the machine. Currently on the market;

  • Manual Briquette Machine
  • Semi-Automatic Briquette Machine
  • Fully Automatic Briquette Machine

It is produced in 3 different models. Briquette machine models produced by Globmac;

  • PARS 12 Concrete Parquet and Briquette Machine
  • PARS 18 Concrete Parquet and Briquette Machine

is presented to you. General features of PARS 12 and PARS 18 briquette machines;

  • Ease of installation
  • Ease of operation and maintenance
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic pistons
  • Working with high capacity and efficiency
  • Low investment and operating costs
  • Easy to clean
  • Long-lasting working opportunity
  • clear system
  • Reliable system in emergencies

as produced.

Briquette Machine Manufacturers

As Globmac, we are a company that works to produce solutions for the different needs of the companies we work with. In this sense, we produce briquette machines and concrete paving machines in different models. Briquette machines, which we produce in different features and capacities, are offered for sale with the assurance of the Globmac brand. There are some qualifications that companies should pay attention to in the process of choosing and supplying the briquette machine. These;

  • How long has the company been operating in this industry?
  • Models and features of the machines it produces
  • Works cited by the company as a reference
  • After-sales spare parts and service support
  • Investments made in the R&D unit
  • Its place in the briquette machine market

Qualifications such as these are the points to be considered in the supply of briquette machine. The briquette machines we produce are powerful machines with the ability to operate at high capacity for many years. Briquette and concrete parquet machines produced by our company are manufactured using the latest technological possibilities. The production processes of all the machines we design are automatic machines that can be controlled by a computer-aided automation system. You can contact Globmac for more detailed information and consultancy about the briquette machine models you need.